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10 Winning Habits of Healthy, Successful, & Vibrant People

  1. They Raise Their Energy Level, Concentration, and Mood

Vibrant people of radiant health and success know that exercise is an optimum way to raise their energy level, concentration, and mood. Every day they engage in movement; usually, first thing in the morning before any appointments, or fatigue can get in the way of their exercise session.

It doesn’t matter if the exercise if running, yoga, martial arts, climbing mountains, canoeing, rowing on the river, jazzercise, pilates, or running stairs. Exercise fads may come and go but the winning habit of movement to raise the heart rate, strengthen the muscles, bones, and brain is a timeless life hack to boost energy.

The winning habit isn’t just to exercise three times a week for an hour. Forget that well-intentioned nonsense.

People overflowing with health and success exercise six days a week and move every day of their lives, usually first thing in the morning. Then they keep moving on and off all day long.

They make a habit of movement. Whether it is:

  1. going for a 5-10 minute walk after every lunch and dinner

  2. climbing three flights of stairs at each coffee break

  3. doing five minutes of desk yoga every hour at work

Vibrant people find some a regular movement routine with a defined trigger, such as meals, snacks, or transitions such as from work to home.

  1. Aware of Impact

Healthy and vibrant people are intentional about how they want to show up in the world.

It isn’t that glowing people are acting apart; they are mindful of how they want to affect others positively. It is less about ‘how do I want people to see me?’ and focusing in on ‘how do I want to make others feel?’

When they wake up in the morning, they set an intention for how they will live out their day. Instead of leaving their mood and how they interact with others to a reaction to the events of the day, glowing people set their intention.

Seizing control over how one reacts and relates to others is claiming personal power. Finding an internal source of personal energy supercharges the mind, body, and spirit with proactivity as opposed to reactivity.

What you can do: Become aware of how you are impacting each person with whom you come in contact each day. Set an intention to how you want to live your day no matter what comes your way. Do you want to be peaceful, confident, kind, expansive, hopeful, generous? How do you want to leave the people with whom you engage feeling?

  1. Know Their Needs, Wants, Boundaries, & Goals

Most people go through life vaguely aware of their own needs, how their needs differ from their desires and don’t know their boundaries. Most people don’t set clear goals, write them down, create an action plan to achieve their goals, or establish new ones if they fail.

Vibrant, healthy, and successful people take time to self-reflect. Whether journaling, thinking, or talking through their inner experience, dynamic people come to understand themselves and gain confidence to set goals and explain what they need and want to those around them.

  1. Can Say No

You’ve heard it before. Successful people know how to say no. But it isn’t that they say no in an f#$% sort of way. They can say no with calm ease because some values and priorities are causing the no. Vibrant people also can say no when saying yes would infringe on their boundaries and harm their wellbeing or the welfare of the people they need to put first in their lives.

  1. Are Generous of Spirit

Successful people don’t get that way through a nail climb over others to the top of the heap. Most genuinely want to be of value to their families, friends, colleagues, communities, and the world.

Whether they do this through mentoring, volunteering, always showing up with a friendly attitude, or having a compassionate, open ear, successful people find ways to help.

  1. Focus on Impact & Influence

Successful people aren’t those who have amassed piles of money or awards. The truly successful are those who laser their focus on how they can positively impact and influence people. It isn’t even a numbers game.

Successful people are not, as most assume, those who have impacted the most people are with the broadest influence. Depth is as critical as width. Doing something that means the world to one or a few people is of massive impact and importance.

Radiant, successful people don’t let their ego restrict their way to their life’s mission to make a difference. Instead of wealth, recognition, or fame, they focus on doing something where they are, right now, to create positive change in the world and the lives they have the influence to touch.

  1. Give Up Complaining & Excuses

Sure, there are always reasons why someone can’t do something, or messed up, or failed. Successful and radiantly healthy people don’t grasp onto reasons and voice them as excuses, either internally through self-talk or externally to others.

Glow people know excuses and complaining suck energy to the negative. Even worse, excuses and complaining steal oxygen from proactivity, solution finding, and forward momentum.

Turn to the light and breathe fresh air into any situation by focusing on what is going well, what you can do, and where you do have the influence to move forward.