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30 DAYS OF YOGA Serenity CHALLENGE -Yoga with Heather

Ready to ditch stress, find balance, and radiate health? Start your 30 Days of Yoga Serenity Challenge. It’s totally free on YouTube. Sign up today to incorporate more serenity and well-being into your everyday life:

✨30 DAYS OF YOGA Serenity✨Yoga with Heather

Join me on Day 1 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Commit to 30 days of Serenity to cultivate more strength, flexibility, and serenity in 2019.

Use this practice to start linking breath with movement, building strength, and opening up the body.

Ask others to support you in your new daily yoga journey. You can start a one-word daily journal to describe your inner experience. Is your first-day word frustration instead of serenity? Don’t judge 🙂 Just be the witness. You will gain strength and more inner spaciousness with each day.

The body is different from day to day, so tune in to the changes in your body. Some days your body will feel tension and tightness in areas that need love, tenderness, and healing. Other days you will flow with ease and strength. Yoga is a brilliant way to key in on what your body is asking for each day to feel well and vibrant.

Don’t take me, the yoga practice, or yourself too seriously. Listen to your inner voice, do what feels good, and remember that the breath is the primary focus.

Watch what happens to your inner world as you commit to this daily yoga practice. I’m so excited for you!

Stay connected, I want to hear about your serenity yoga journey!

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