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5 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Had Young Babies

Time Warps When You Have a Baby

The days can seem endlessly long when you are caring for a baby all day.

I chose to stay at home with my daughter for the first nine months. Each day slowed to a snail’s pace by noon. I watched the clock, counting down the time until my husband would walk through the door. The time with my daughter was soul satisfying. My heart would expand each time I watched her learn something new or fall asleep in my arms.

I still got lonely being at home all day with a baby in a foreign country.

If you are at work, the time can slow down as you count the hours until you get to hold your baby again. It’s almost as if you can hear each click of the second hand.

The day’s in the office after I had my son slowed down for another reason. I loved sitting and thinking all day again. I enjoyed the social relationships at work. And I still counted down the time all day, this time until I could hold my baby back.

Each minute of those days dragged out. As soon as my last child turned three-time sped up.

Every once in a while I must take a step back in surprise. The toddler I spent hours in a meadow collecting wildflowers with is turning thirteen soon. Where did the time go?

You may feel that the baby and toddler years will last forever.

As exhausting, exasperating, and excruciating some moments, or days can be, this time will pass. No, you will not be potty training forever. It just feels like that right now.

As joyful, wondrous, and magical it is with your baby, this time will pass. Your baby won’t fall asleep in your arms or light up when you walk in the door. You won’t be able to solve everything wrong in their life with a cuddle and a story.

Sleep Deprivation Compounds

Sleep deprivation and interruption isn’t a problem in the short term. It’s painful, yes, and you may find it more difficult to concentrate and be in a good mood. Compound the sleep deprivation over months or years, and you will start to suffer.

At some point, I was so physically fatigued that I found pushing the stroller difficult. I had been working out daily for years at this point, so it didn’t make any sense. Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your body you can’t escape with a night or two of uninterrupted sleep.

You’ll need months or years to catch back up on your sleep. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this too will pass. Someday you will wake up after nine hours of interrupted sleep feeling vibrant and refreshed. IT will happen, I promise you.

Losing Weight Too Fast After Birth Will Hurt Your Health

It can feel as though the life force has been sucked out of you by a vampire. If you’re breastfeeding, this isn’t too far from the truth. It takes a lot of nutrients to feed a baby, which means you aren’t getting as many for your body when you breastfeed if you don’t eat healthily.