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All Natural Beauty Products: Are They Worth It?

I didn’t realize I had an addiction to store-bought, chemically laden hair conditioners. That is until I tried to live without them.

It all started with reading one article. Who knew that my personal care and beauty products were potential causes of cancer?

I didn’t, and what’s worse, is that I didn’t realize I was putting my kids at risk every time I lathered them in lotion. Luckily, part of the time I was using 100% and all natural almond oil to massage their dry skin.

Thank you, Swiss nurses, for sending me home with a bottle and telling me that I could get more at any drug store.

I went out and bought an all natural shampoo, but I couldn’t find a conditioner that day. Hey, if you have hungry kids, then your time in the store is up. I tried the all natural shampoo, and I loved how clean my hair felt afterward. But it was also dry.

I grabbed an extra a big brand chemical conditioner I had in storage and enjoyed how silky smooth it made my hair. I reverted to applying curl boosting and frizz eliminating leave-ins full of chemicals.

I think it is the same thing that happens when you want to eat healthier. You have these incredible inventions, and then someone offers you a still warm, French croissant, or a just out of the oven chocolate chip cookie.

I knew I switch to all natural personal care products. It was just too tempting to fall back into my old habits.

But then something changed the game for me. My sister gifted me some gorgeous spaghetti-strapped sundresses that left my shoulders exposed.

I am embarrassed to tell you, that in the humidity and heat, I broke out on my back. Yuck, it was mortifying. If you have kids and no air conditioning, then what is a Mama going to do? I had to bite the bullet, put on my swimsuit, and take them swimming anyway.

As we were enjoying a picnic on the lake shore after a few hours of swimming, I was struck with some inspiration. Could there be something out there that was healthy for skin, but that could also be used for my hair?

A couple of hours later I had my answer. Or I should say, I had answers: 100% natural, cold pressed oils, which we can use for healthy skin AND hair. Now it was time to test my hypothesis. Would using a 100% natural oil on my hair clear up my back?

I had heard about people using olive and almond oil on their hair. Honestly, I hate to admit that I dismissed the idea as something for hippies or all natural everything extremists. It also sounded, well, messy and inconvenient.

I pictured myself with a huge bottle of olive oil in my bathroom and trying to pour some into my hand without it getting all over the floor. Yikes, how would I have time to do that?

Now, I adore feeling beautiful. I do my hair, makeup and get dressed up even if I don’t plan on leaving the house all day. (But that’s another story.)

I don’t have very much time in which to get ready for the day. I race to see if I can complete getting dressed, doing my hair and putting on some makeup in fifteen to twenty minutes. (insert article link to how to get ready in 15-20 minutes).

I decided dealing with a bottle of oil was going to take up too much time AND be messy.

Wow, I was wrong. It turns out; there are more options to just a huge bottle of olive oil or almond oil.

They are also sold in a small container with pumps or droppers for a quick and easy application. We aren’t limited to just those two options though. Aragan and coconut oils are also fabulous for skin and hair.

So I bought some 100% argan oil from Beauty by Earth and used it on my hair for the rest of the summer. I had to play around with how much to use in the beginning. I was used to using handfuls of conditioner and leave-in products on my damaged hair to make it soft and smooth.

A handful turned out to be FAR too much argan oil. I also was used to applying my hair product from roots to the tips of my hair, which didn’t work with argan oil; it made my hair look greasy quickly. Eventually, I discovered the right way to use argan oil on my hair.

I worked in a handful of argan oil into my scalp and hair a few times a week BEFORE hitting the shower and shampooing. After the shower, I only needed a quarter sized amount to work into my hair. I started applying it from the tips of my hair upward and just smoothed the tiniest bit of leftover argan oil on my hands to the top of the head.

Well, what were the results? Within two weeks my skin improved. My dry, damaged hair was shiny and luxurious. I started applying a few drops to my face and skin and even noticed a reduction in the fine lines showing up around my eyes. The entire process didn’t take any more time in my routine. I was impressed with the results.

Except for one thing.

I didn’t, and still, don’t, love how argan oil smells. I mean, it’s not terrible. It just isn’t yummy, either. Do you know what I did next?

I started researching again. Not immediately, but a few months later. Hey, you have a long to-do list too, don’t you? I had found a great hair and skin care product that worked wonders wasn’t expensive and were 100% natural. How is smelled didn’t seem significant.

I adore aromatherapy and delicious smells. So eventually my yearning for a luxurious smelling, chemical free skin and hair care product motivated me to research.

A few hours of research later a had uncovered beautiful all natural products at reasonable prices. Who knew?

Perhaps you are ready to shift to all natural products now!

Wishing you health, happiness, and a radiant glow,