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Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil – Natural, Chemical Free Goodness

How do you start receiving the benefits of sweet almond oil ?

Take a tablespoon of oil into your palms right after the shower. Rub the oil onto your damp skin. For an added wellness bonus, rub in long smooth strokes along your muscles and in a circular motion on all your joints.

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins E, A and B and works as a powerful antioxidant as it dives deep into the skin without blocking pores.

My boys love sweet almond oil because it absorbs deep into the skin tissues, which means they don’t feel sticky when they put on the pajamas. My daughter enjoys the fact that sweet almond oil is perfect for her sensitive skin.

With so much safe goodness, no wonder they send it home from Swiss hospitals with new mamas to use on their newborns! Lathering sweet almond oil on my skin has not only increased my natural glow but decreased the little red bumps I used to get on the back of my upper arms.

Benefits of sweet almond oil for your face:

Create an exfoliating face mask by mixing fine sugar with sweet almond oil. Then rub the mixture over your face in a circular motion for two minutes. The sweet almond oil face mask will loosen impurities, get rid of dead skin cells, and reduce blackheads. Rinse off the mixture with warm water. Last, of all, massage in some pure sweet almond oil to moisturize for skin that is smoother, softer, and has a warm natural glow.

Vitamin E in sweet almond oil boosts the production of collagen, a fiber-like protein that is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. It is also an enriched source of free radical fighting antioxidants.

“If one shows signs of premature aging like wrinkles around the eyes, apply Vitamin E oil two to three times a week. It promotes healthy skin, and reverses signs of aging,” says Dr. Deepali, Dermatologist in Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj.

Benefits of sweet almond oil for your lips:

Just like you did for your face, you can create a lip scrub by combining almond oil with fine sugar. Massage the mixture onto your lips. Finish by rubbing in a small amount of sweet almond oil onto your lips for lasting moisture.

Benefits of sweet almond oil for your nails:

Rub into cuticles to heal dry fingernails and nail beds. The zinc and iron will strengthen your nails while vitamin E and vitamin B will improve your cuticles.

Benefits of sweet almond oil for your hair:

We tend to wash our hair too frequently, which causes the hair to be stripped of the natural protective coating of natural oils. You can restore the protective oil layer on your hair with sweet almond oil.

Put a small amount on your palms and run your hand through clean, towel-dried hair from roots to tips. The sweet almond oil will work as a leave-in conditioner and an anti-frizz agent for silky, shiny hair.

Before and after blow drying, curling or flattening, apply a tiny amount of almond oil to protect against split ends. Sweet almond oil is so light that it serves as an excellent replacement for a sheen enhancer.

Is your hair falling out due to stress, low iron, or unknown causes? Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, a sweet almond oil hair mask can rejuvenate your hair follicles.

Try massaging a tablespoon of almond oil into your scalp for five to thirty minutes before shampooing. The sweet almond oil will nourish your scalp and hair while getting rid of dead skin cells on your scalp. Massaging the sweet almond oil onto your scalp will improve blood flow circulation and loosen buildup to wash away easily when you shampoo.

Repeat your sweet almond oil scalp and hair massage once a week to stimulate new hair growth and reduce dandruff.

How does sweet almond oil promote new hair growth? The high level of vitamin E and magnesium. “There have been some studies to show that vitamin E oil may increase circulation to the scalp,” says Dr. Broumand. “This temporarily increased blood flow to the area could help to enhance the health and strength of the hair follicles. Vitamin E oil can also work to hydrate and moisturize dry, brittle hair.”

Extra sweet almond oil beauty tip: For an added all-natural glow, rub a small amount on your cheeks after your makeup.

Why does Sweet Almond Oil have so many benefits?

High in Vitamin E & Proteins

About half a cup of sweet almond oil contains 60 international units of vitamin E ( Vitamin is a highly potent antioxidant vitamin that is naturally present in the sweet almond oil.

According to Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, a New York City-based cosmetic and plastic surgeon, “Vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process. If we can fight off free radicals, then we can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful-looking.”

As we age the skin thins and becomes uneven due to a reduction in the collagen padding under the skin. Deterioration of the layer of collagen under the surface leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Too much sun, exposure to tobacco smoke, and not drinking enough what can result in premature aging. There are also indications that the high level of toxin accumulation in our bodies from our beauty and personal care products, food, water, and air could be another cause of premature aging.

To promote smooth skin, sweet almond oil’s potent antioxidant vitamin E works to repair damage to the collagen under the skin. New collagen formation is added via the amino acids in proteins found in the sweet almond oil. Last of all, sweet almond oil gets fully absorbed by the skin, instead of resting on the top surface. Deeply moisturized skin remains supple longer.

High in monounsaturated fatty acids