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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Did you see that my Digital Wellness Course is up? Enrollment is Open! Yay!

Not everyone is ready for the powerful transformation that my one on one coaching offers.

Due to popular demand, I’ve created a digital Energize & Elevate Program to serve people not lacking in willpower and determination.

Hey, some people don’t need accountability and the power of face to face coaching. What they do want are actionable steps to up-level their health, mindset, joy, and alignment, dosed out week by week in a un-overwhelming way!

Is that you?

If so, then I’m thrilled to offer you this option!

People are LOVING my new online course, and if you’re truly trying to MORE energy, health, vitality, and joy in all aspects of your life, then sign up.

What are people loving about the course?

Adam S. said, “The week on Workplace Wellness has been the biggest game changer for my well-being and success. The yoga at your desk are my new fav. I use them daily and my co-workers have started joining in too. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the program has in store for me. Cheers, Adam”

Mary wrote me, The morning routine is changing my energy levels and staying chill all day long as a mom at home with a one year-old. It was torture to pull myself out of bed earlier, but I have missed a morning routine in nine days because I feel so good for hours afterward. Thank you for being so supportive and answering all my questions Heather. Air hug, Anna”

What’s all the hype about?

I am so thrilled that the first people through my program are reaping the rewards already, and they are only a few days into the three month program! Yay! Happy Dance!

Get the full details about the wellness program here.

My passion is to empower as many people out there to feel SO GOOD in their bodies and full of energy to bring more JOY into all parts of their day.

The course is my new program that will help you to:

  1. Increase your energy

  2. Feel good in your body

  3. Feel serenity as you move through your daily life (or chill, as Adam says)

  4. Aide in you feeling ‘full’ and empowered to go after more of what you want in life!


As you’ll see, the course will only stay at this low price for a limited time and only with this link: