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How to Bring the Bliss Back to Christmas

What is your idea of Christmas bliss?

Strip away all the societal ideas about Christmas, the expectations, and traditions and what would you do?

What, when it comes down to it, does Christmas mean to you, and how do you ensure you capture that something special this holiday season?

For me, when you strip away the flickering candlelight, crackling fire, the scent of pine and baking cooking, the wrapping paper all over the floor and the decadent food, Christmas is Love.

More than anything else, my soul seeks a connection with the special people in my life.

‘Tis the Season to Connect

I think the magical thing about Christmas is it offers and an opportunity to connect.

In an increasingly fast-paced and superficial world, Christmas opens an opportunity to pause, reflect, and bond more deeply.

Imagine you are standing next to the Christmas tree. Your phone rings or a beloved person in your life steps up next to you and says:

“It is such a blessing to have you in my life. What I adore about you is …x, y, and z. I admire/ You inspire me by your ability to… You are such a loveable person, and I wanted to let you know, on this magical day, how much you mean to me.”

How would you feel?

In my experience, it is uncomfortable for people to utter these words; this may be because most adults are walking around a little bit, or very broken inside.

The longer one lives, the more one accumulates internal scars and blockages.

Now, some of these scars are beautiful reminders of our strength and resilience. But some emotional injuries still throb with pain, or ache, even years later.

Sometimes, we shun a profound and meaningful connection with people in our lives due to fear, or in self-defense.

Relationships can be quite complicated.

Some people are vampires.

You open up the door, and they lunge for your throat, demanding more than you are willing to give.

Vampires don’t respect no for an answer. Vampires don’t respect boundaries. Even worse, you find it difficult to say no, or to insist that others comply with the limits you set.

So what do you do instead? You fade out of their lives as much as possible.

I am fortunate not to have any vampires in my life, but I have heard some shocking stories from my loved ones about their relatives and friends.

My heart goes out to you. And I believe in your bravery. (For help on learning how to handle read: the energy vampire personality type.)

My mother always says that one should never act from a place of fear. So this Christmas and New Year, I’m going after my bliss. I’m going to tell, or write, each special person in my life and thank them for being the loveable individuals they are.

I’m going to express how much more abundant and more meaningful my life is, just carrying them around in my heart everywhere I go.

I know you have the strength to do this too.

Gift Something Better This Year. Gift Love this Christmas

Just imagine what the world would feel like if on Christmas day everyone heard from the people in their life, how lovable, valuable and admired they are?

I imagine there would be enough good cheer that we wouldn’t need the wine, cocktails or hot chocolate to be warm from head to toe.

Here is wishing you Christmas Bliss & Love, Heather