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How to Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes a Day

In just thirty minutes daily, you can clean up your home fast and keep it that way regularly! A fresh smelling and clean house will create lovely energy and an inviting environment for relaxation, laughter, or entertaining.

Spray Down Your Bathroom & Kitchen. Let Soak.

Spray down your toilet, bathroom counters, shower, bathtub, kitchen sink, and kitchen counters with a disinfectant cleaner.

Let soak.

If you have dishes, place them in the sink to soak.

Spray disinfectant on a microfiber cloth and clean all bathroom and high traffic door handles and electronics.

Dust From the Ceiling Downwards. Next, Vacuum.

Dust from the ceiling downwards with a microfiber cloth.

Dust all furniture.

Use your vacuum attachment to vacuum upholstered furniture such as your sofa and to get into corners.

Power Clean Your Bathrooms.

Clean the bathroom mirror with a damp microfiber cloth.

Use a small brush to scrub any residue or grime on the sink. Clean down the door handle, sink, and toilet (in that order) with a disinfectant cloth.

Make sure to clean the toilet bowl, lid, front, base, top, and especially in and around the seat fasteners where dirt tends to collect.

Clean the toilet with a toilet brush.

Clean the floor around the toilet with a paper towel.

Use a microfiber cloth next to wipe out the sink and shine the faucet.

Use a paper towel to dry the outside of the toilet and toilet seat.

  1. Clean the Kitchen – the Heart of the Home.

Wipe down all your counters with a cloth, not a bacteria-laden sponge — dry counters and table afterward with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe down half of your kitchen cabinets (tops one day, bottoms the next time) with a new hot and soapy clean microfiber cloth. Wipe clean with a dry microfiber cloth.

Wipe down one appliance surface also.

Do dishes immediately after meals to save time and energy. But if you have dishes, do them now.

  1. Do One Load of Laundry Daily. Mop Weekly.

Do laundry daily. Fold and hang clothes as soon as they dry to prevent wrinkles.

Once a week after vacuuming, mop all your floors with a steam cleaner, a mop, or a power clean vacuum.

Add in One Bonus Hour Each Weekend of Cleaning.

Add one hour of power cleaning each weekend to tackle deep cleaning and decluttering that you don’t need to do every day.

You can print this guide and cycle through these weekend hour project lists to maintain a sparkling and fresh smelling home. Remember, at the end of one hour stop. Consistency is critical. A massive day of cleaning will get you less far than regular work. So you can stick to your one hour and thirty minutes a day rule.

60 minute Bonus – Weekend # 1

Deep clean your floors.

Steam clean carpets and floors.

Clean all baseboards and window sills.

Make up your beds with fresh sheets.

Flip and rotate your mattress.

Wash sheets & pillows.

Declutter your entryway area and closet.

Get rid of any shoes, jackets, hats, etc. you no longer want or need.

Place keys on a hook and give bags, hats, jackets, and shoes a ‘home.’

60 minute Bonus – Weekend # 2

Clean your windows.