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How to Destress at College in 2 Hours in 7 Steps

Are you looking to de-stress at college without resorting to numbing the pain with alcohol, dishing out a lot of money for a massage, or zoning out with mindless entertainment?

  1. Do a thirty to one-hour length yoga class OUTSIDE to De-Stress at College

Don’t worry; you don’t need to find a yoga studio and dish out money for the class. As you may know, there are more than eighteen million free yoga videos on Youtube. Here are my favorite free courses:

A lovely yoga sequence for the athletic is a 55 Minute Yoga Class with Heather. The vinyasa class is a full body workout better than a visit to the gym:

A fantastic class for complete Beginners to Yoga is the 60-Minute Yoga Sequence with Brett Larkin:

If you would like to dive into deep stretches and release stress without building up heat, then yin is a beautiful choice. My absolute favorite yoga class of to melt into deep relaxation is Healing Yin :

Do you want to commit to getting fit, flexible, strong, and serene? You can join Heather’s 30 Day Serenity challenge today:

So now that you have selected the yoga class that best fits you, why should you head outside and into nature to do your yoga class?

Doing yoga outside is a powerful way to soothe your nervous system and switch the on switch to your parasympathetic system. Looking at green, feeling the breeze caress your skin, and listening to the sound of birds singing will ground and center you. You need to grab your phone and a yoga mat, or a towel, and head outside to the nearest garden or park.

If you’re not crunched for time, you can travel to a forest, beach, or a meadow.

Is internet access a problem if you travel away from where you are living? Perhaps you have access to a balcony, rooftop terrace, or patio where you can remain in the range of an internet connection and do your yoga practice. If all else fails, open a window wide and focus on a vibrant greenhouse plant, fresh cut flowers, or a bowl of fresh fruit during your yoga session.

  1. Meditate for ten to twenty minutes to De-Stress at College

Meditate to lower your stress levels, increase your ability to focus, and elevate your sense of well-being. You’ve heard it so many times your ears are ringing, right? Mediation is the new magic prescription for anything that ails you.

Whether you already sit for a meditation practice daily or are skeptical, give one of these three free meditations a try. They are my go to links to de-stress and feel both calmer and happier.

One of my go-to guided meditations is about twenty minutes long by the Honest Guys: Blissful Deep Relaxation.

A quick, powerful mediation to de-stress you and skyrocket your well-being is this Chakra Balancing and Healing Meditation:

For a change, I also enjoy this ten-minute Meditation For Stress & Anxiety Relief ♥ 10 Minutes of Heaven visit:

Would you prefer to listen to ocean waves instead of a guided meditation? My ALL TIME favorite is waves and chimes:

Once you’ve completed your meditation, it’s time to use the healing power of water to wash away your stress and revitalize your body and spirit.

  1. Take a Warm Bath or Shower with a Homemade Salt Scrub or Soak

Although bath bombs are lovely, they are expensive and filled with chemicals if you don’t ensure they are organic and natural.

To save money and detox your body, you can also wash away any negative energies clinging to your body with a homemade salt soak.

Recipe for Epsom Salt Bath