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How To Fall Blissfully Back In Love With Your Spouse

How To Fall Blissfully Back In Love With Your Spouse –

(Even if you don’t like them right now).

Who says you can only fall in love once? You should rethink the way you tell your own story.

First, answer me this: What are the steps in a typical romance?

If you are like the majority out there, you will answer: you meet the love of your life, you fall in love, get married, and you live happily ever after.

Unless you are someone horrified by marriage.

In this case, you will laugh (secretly or openly) at the idiots who believe in this married fantasy and live-happily-ever-after nonsense. You give a newly married couple a few years of happiness, tops, before she starts criticizing, he starts feeling caged in, and they both feel unappreciated and unhappy.

What if it isn’t about the first falling in a love story? What if it is about falling in love, over and over again, with some ugly moments in between?

To be crystal clear, I’m not talking about some ugly co-dependent and abusive relationship in which one person hurts another, is forgiven, and the entire death plunge of the soul happens all over again and again.

I’m talking about the reality of the daily grind, the little and big tragedies that are woven into the fabric of living, and the challenge of loving and being loved when you’re at your absolute worst.

Unless you have some superhuman juice, you probably aren’t that lovely if you’ve just lost your job, cried at your beloved grandmother’s funeral, or are suffering at the hands of an abusive boss but need the paycheck. You most likely don’t see the point in helping out with the daily house clean or in organizing a romantic date.

It could be that your career is taking off, and you are on cloud nine. Sure, you are putting in ten to twelve-hour days and have zero energy for anything or anyone, including the love of your life, but the rush of accomplishment is thrilling. Of course, your spouse will understand.

You Don’t HAVE to be in LOVE all the TIME.

Choosing to love someone does not mean you need to be in love with them for the rest of your life. It’s downright unreasonable.

Sometimes You’re Not Attractive

I don’t care how sexy you are; if you’ve spent the past two days with your head bent over a toilet puking, you aren’t going to look attractive. If you aren’t devoting any time or attention to someone, they aren’t going to feel loved, and as a result, have less of the I’m-in-love feeling for you. If your spouse is severely depressed and can’t get out of bed, it’s unrealistic to be flooded with positive emotions as you take on all the load of working and homemaking.

Other Times There’s Conflicting Agendas

What happened if your spouse receives an offer for the dream job in a different city, state, or country, you don’t want to move, and they aren’t willing to stay? Can you maintain your in-love feeling toward someone who places their professional goals ahead of your happiness?