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How to Feel Confident & Claim Your Personal Power (solar plexus yellow chakra)

Do you want to feel more confident and boost your personal power? Let’s activate and balance your solar pelxus region.

Are you feeling unsure of yourself? Or is it that you want to take responsibility for your life and voice your opinion and ideas with calm conviction?

Perhaps you are yearning for more self-assurance in social settings? Every time you enter a party where you don’t know anyone, your heart races, and a sense of panic tenses your belly?

It could be that confidence isn’t an issue for you, but you are unhappy with your self-discipline or ability to take action to make goals a reality. Why can’t you move forward?

You aren’t alone.

Countless people struggle to enter a job interview with confidence. Many are bluffing their way through life. They want to exude more personal power in everyday life, but they don’t know how.

Read on to give your self-confidence a quick boost and a long-lasting supercharge.

  1. Feel Confident NOW! The Quick Fix

A quick fix is to go somewhere where you are alone and stand for two to five minutes in a power pose.

Widen your stance, lift your arms to the air, and smile. Or, you can spread your legs in a wide stance, place your hands on your hips, and stand up straight.

Alternatively, you can lean your head back into your hands, place your feet up on a desk, and lean back in your chair for the two to five minutes.

According to the social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk, taking on these ‘power poses’ will make you feel more confident and boost your power. It doesn’t even matter if you aren’t feeling confident when you enter the pose. The pose itself will alter your mind to feel more personal power after the two to five minutes.

Start to be cognizant of your body language in social situations. Do you pull in and make yourself smaller? Make a conscious effort to open up, take up more space, and widen your stance.

Do you cross your arms or your legs? Do you fidget with your keys, rings, or hair? Are you touching your neck, hugging yourself, or taking up a small space?

Consciously take a deep breath, broaden through your chest, pull your shoulders onto your back, and spread out your elbows or arms.

  1. Boost your Personal in Power 10-30 Minutes

When we feel small and powerless, we tend to experience pain or tightness in our solar plexus. The solar plexus area of the body is the center for personal power.

When the solar plexus is balanced, you will be able to assert yourself with confidence without feeling the urge to use excessive control.

Instead of feeling helpless or irresponsible, you will have the inner power to exert self-discipline and the will to achieve the goals you desire. A balanced solar plexus means you exude personal energy while maintaining harmonious relationships with most of your social connections.

Balance your yellow solar plexus chakra to boost your power.

You can complete a solar plexus fortifying yoga session to release the tension and reclaim more of your power in just ten to twenty minutes.

Here are some free yoga videos to balance your solar plexus chakra:

Solar Plexus Chakra: Yoga Practice to Ignite Your Power With ALLIE

Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga Class with BRETT LARKIN

Radiate your personal power into the world by revitalizing this solar plexus chakra at least once a week. With regular practice, you will begin to assert yourself, feel confident in all social setting, live your life with confidence, and no longer fear claiming your power.

  1. Strength Analysis

How much of your mind space is focusing on your weaknesses and where you want to grow?

When was the last time you recognized and praised yourself for your strengths, skills, and accomplishments?

If you are like most people, you spend the majority of your time looking at how to improve. More attention is giving to what you don’t do well (yet!) then where you excel.

It’s time to shift perspective to boost your confidence level and start the path to claiming more of your power.