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Do you want to handle pressure at work like a boss? Read on.

Do you want to handle pressure at work like a boss? Read on.

Stress Less at Work by Handling Toxic People Well

One way to reduce your stress at work is by learning to deal with toxic people effectively. No matter where you go or where you work, some toxic behavior is going to show up eventually. Unfortunately, that destructive behavior could be coming from a co-worker, your boss, or your clients.

When encountering toxic behavior, find an excuse to leave the situation to regain your emotional equilibrium. Escape by saying you could need to grab a copy from the printer, make a call, use the restroom, or grab a coffee.

Breathe in through your nose and exhale twice as slowly as you inhale. Your heartbeat will slow, and the deep, slow exhale will soothe your nervous system. Next, remind yourself not to take the behavior personally.

When you return to the situation, be aware of your body language and actions to keep your body open, your back straight, your head level, your shoulders square, and your weight evenly distributed if you are standing.

Especially if you are a woman, resist the unconscious urge to make yourself smaller.

Now you are ready to shift the focus repeatedly to a solution, to request a change, or to ghost yourself from the relationship. Of course, if you have an annoying co-worker, you have to show up and work with them every day.

But you can take measures such as informing everyone that you will be wearing soundproof headphones to improve your ability to focus. Or you could take up a new fitness or training course of the lunch hour to avoid daily doses of someone who is pulsing with negative energy. Another option is to keep drawing attention to the positive and a solution-orientated mindset over and over again.

To read an extensive guide on How to Protect Yourself From Toxic People, read this article (Insert Toxic People Article Link here).

Take A Break to Handle Pressure At Work

Researchers have found that to maximize your productivity, you should take a break once an hour for two to five minutes.

You won’t increase your productivity if you are chugging espresso, gossiping, or surfing social media during these five minutes.

Instead, stand up and move your body. The best result comes from going outside and looking at green during this break. Some quick yoga or stretching is also energizing and boosts your ability to focus after the break. Laughter floods your brain with feel-good neurotransmitters.

Eat a snack of almonds, blueberries, walnuts, or whole grains. Think of always combining a protein with a rich nutrient and vitamin source, such as fruit or vegetables.

It may seem that powering through without a break will enable you to get more work done.

Studies have shown this isn’t true. Set a timer, take a break, and make sure you move, eat right, and return to your desk after five minutes to lower your stress levels and build your stress resilience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder To Handle Pressure At Work