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How To Keep Your Honeymoon Phase 50+ Years

Falling in love is a rush.

Dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline pump through your brain and body. Sexual attraction, infatuation and adoration flood your awareness.

The sweetness of the honeymoon phase feels like it will last forever. Typically, it lasts around two years before the feel-good chemicals spiked by your beloved diminish and the rose-tinted sunglasses are torn off.

You didn’t see the flaws, weaknesses, annoying habits, and negative emotions before. Or you did, but under that feel-good haze you didn’t mind.

Nor did you mind the incompatibilities in the first few months or years. You may have even delighted in the contrast. Now mismatches create discord and resentment.

If the fall out of the honeymoon phase is inevitable, then why get married at all?

Why no soak up the sunny sweetness of the honeymoon stage of a new relationship and release the relationship around the two-year mark?

50+ Years of Honeymoon: Know Your Why

Why did you get married?

Take time to think this through.

Dig deeper than, ‘because I love them,’ or ‘to make each other happy.’

You can love someone and never get married.

Giving responsibility over to someone else for your happiness is a perfect recipe for disaster.

One of the best ways to catapult your way out of the honeymoon phase and never return is to push responsibility for your happiness onto your partner.

So if you aren’t getting married because you love each other and want to make each other happy, then WHY are you getting married?

Take time to sit down and make a list. Here’s some brainstorming help.

Did you get married to:

Gain a partner with whom you can travel and explore the world together?

Spiritually evolve?

Feel financially secure?

Experience the intimacy of showing your authentic self and being loved for you?

Obtain a sexy partner to show off on your arm?

Have a baby?

Raise children together?

Laugh every day?

Expand and deepen happiness in daily life?

Gain a partner who encourages you to be your best self and keep going through tough times?

Build your own family culture together?

Enjoy a fulfilling sex life together?

Have a friend to support you in times of trouble, tribulation, and tragedy?

Gain a friend by your side to celebrate with you when you reach your goals and dreams?

Learn to exhibit love and loyalty on your bad days or dark moments, not just when life is a happy cruise?

Have someone to care for you if you get sick?

Earn your partner’s adoration and devotion through years of loving acts?

Find a sense of purpose?

Have someone to fall asleep next to every night?

Wake up next to someone you love each morning?

Be greeted every evening with a hug?

Cuddle with someone while you watch movies on the weekend?

Enjoy meals together?

Enjoy common hobbies or passions together?

Exercise together?