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How to Slim Down & Lose Weight

So you want to lose weight?

Are you counting your calories, writing a food journal, making plans to hit the gym to burn more calories than you consume?


I know everyone seems to say that to lose weight, it is simple: burn more calories than you consume. But guess what?

You need to eat more, not less.

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Perhaps you are looking for the hidden angle here. But there isn’t one. I’m not going to tell you that you get to eat more food, but it will all be a truckload of carrots. I won’t say you get to eat carrots for a month.

No, I’m telling you that in Phase ONE, you can continue eating what you have been enjoying. You need to eat a list of more food in addition to the slice of cheesecake and pasta.

I’m going to make this simpler than anyone else ever has before. To lose weight, you need to follow three rules in three phases.

Weight Loss Phase one: Eat MORE every day

The first rule is: Before you eat lunch, you need to drink half a liter of water. Then consume a raw vegetable bowl containing the following:

Half a cup of beets

One carrot

A cup of shredded cabbage and carrots

A half cup of cucumbers

Half a red bell pepper

Some tomato slices

A few DARK green leafy greens on top

One tablespoon of olive oil. Vinegar to taste.

First, eat your way through the mountain for raw vegetables. Then you can enjoy that lasagna, or hamburger, pasta, or whatever else you usually eat.

Do not tell me you are eating a salad and this is the same thing. It is NOT. For sure dark leafy greens are mega healthy.

But they won’t help you to lose weight.

You need to eat the exact bowl of raw cut up vegetables every day instead, with one tablespoon OLIVE OIL and vinegar to taste.

I must tell you, that if you haven’t been eating your vegetables, as most people are NOT, then this will give you a stomach ache. It will go away though, as your body adjusts itself to the new fiber intake.

The good news is that by eating this bowl of raw vegetables, you are protecting yourself from a list of cancers. So now, you are not only on the path to weight loss, but you are protecting yourself from laying moaning in a hospital bed.

Listen, if you HATE vegetables, and the thought of sitting down and consuming so many is daunting, I have a trick. Just put on your favorite movie or show. Watch a fascinating Ted talk or YouTube video.

Get those veggies down like your life depends on it, and you will lose weight.

It is that simple.

Is it boring to eat the same pile of vegetables every day before lunch? Sure.

But here’s the thing. It has to be easy, simple, and on autopilot, for it to become ingrained in your life. Make the same bowl of raw veggies I listed above every day, with no exceptions. It takes some planning.

You can even cut up your veggies in advance and place them in containers for the work week each Sunday. Bam. Done.

After your raw veggie bowl and lunch, you can eat whatever snack you want, but first, you need to eat a carrot or an apple FIRST and go for a 10-minute walk.

Yes, just ten minutes.

Lose weight: Now get ready for Phase TWO, Rule TWO.

Say you total your car. Or you break up with your partner. You get in a fight that ends in tears with a friend or co-worker. Someone steals your purse on the subway.

So you eat an entire pizza. Or you soothe yourself with a whole carton of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Perhaps you bake a whole batch of brownies and eat them with the box of Ben & Jerry’s.

I’m not judging people. I do it too.

I am still the same size since high school, even after those three babies and a lack of willpower.

No, I’m serious. I’m going to eat a cookie if you place a plate of cookies in front of me. So Rule TWO is: don’t have treats in the house. Ban sugar, sweeteners, sodas, and juices from your home. NEVER drink anything but unsweetened