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How to Take Care of Yourself AND make Others Happy

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

How to Take Care of Yourself AND make Others Happy

How often do you feel full of energy and enthusiasm for life?

The demands on you can be intense. With everything from work deliverables to keeping the family well cared for, you can feel that your needs come last on the list.

You may even feel selfish at the thought of indulging in some weekly self-care.

Your to-do list keeps getting longer, or there is someone in your life who could use just a bit more love and attention.

Sure, some time to recharge and find new energy and enthusiasm for life sounds lovely. It also sounds selfish. Aren’t loving people supposed to put those they love first?

Give More by Being Selfish

It may sound counterintuitive, primarily if you are used to always placing the needs of others before your own. Be selfish, and you will be able to give more to everyone in your life.

By giving and pushing through fatigue, exhaustion, or resentment, you aren’t serving anyone at your best. You may be brilliant at hiding just how worn out and depleted you are.

You may be fooling everyone. You aren’t fooling me.

Giving day in and day out without refilling yourself is a recipe for burning yourself up from the inside. Even with a shiny perfect exterior, inside, you will feel dark and hollow.

You don’t need to live this way a day longer. It IS POSSIBLE to care for yourself and make others happy at the same time.

Learn to ignite more energy within you and replenish your spirit with a zest for living. You’ll be infused with more vivacity and joy to give to your relationships and responsibilities.

What the Hell Do You Think You’re Doing?

How courageous are you? To make a change, you don’t need to cultivate motivation. It would help if you made a decision.

Decide right now, today, that you want a life full of energy and excitement for living. If you live with family or friends, inform everyone that you are to be undisturbed for thirty minutes tomorrow morning.

Yes, you will get pushback.

People in your life may react in strange ways to your decision to set aside time to take care of yourself. You may encounter a range of reactions, everything from curiosity to resentment, shaming, and anger.

Why is this?