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So You Want to Lose Weight and Feel Beautiful

So you want to start losing weight starting today and look gorgeous. You have a plan to follow that doesn’t even involve giving up dessert or sweating at the gym. You’re willing to give it a try because you want to lose weight and look gorgeous.


Why do you want to lose weight and look gorgeous?

I beg you to stop and think about your answer to this question. Are you SURE you want to lose weight?

If so, is the reason because you want to, or because you think you should? Is it your desire, or what you think your partner, family, friends, or society wants you to do?

Is your answer that you want to feel better in your body, healthier and more vibrant? Is your answer because you want to be stronger, have more energy, and get more out of your life?

If so, then I support your choice to lose weight. You want to boost your health and skyrocket your sense of well-being.

But if deep down, you want to lose weight because you feel you should, or because of pressure from others, or because of shame. Then stop. Don’t start this weight loss action plan. Skip How to lose weight, and go straight to the ‘How to feel gorgeous.’

I want you to love on that body of yours precisely as it is RIGHT NOW.

Don’t tell me that’s impossible. It is. And don’t tell me you’re not beautiful. You can be. The secret is, you need to FEEL it inside.

There is no SIZE TAG on SEXY.

Now imagine you walk into a cocktail party. There is someone who looks just like you standing with a glass of something bubbly. She has an inner light, a playful energy emanating in a glow. She’s laughing with the people around her, exuding confidence and vitality. She’s full of life. They look comfortable in what they are wearing, exuding sexy confidence. On the other side of the room is a person who must be a model, they’re that head-turning good looking. But they don’t look like they are having a good time. It seems like ‘F### You’ is branded on their forehead. Now, who are you drawn to talk to?

Ten Steps to Feel Gorgeous When You Hate Your Body

  1. The minute you wake up get out of bed and run your hands down your arms, then down your legs. The exercise will ground you into your body, and remind you that this is the vessel of your being. You don’t need to love this body yet, but you do need to acknowledge that your body is the home of your spirit. You can make it a prison, or you can make it a haven. The choice is up to you.

  2. Spend time stretching your body the minute you wake up. Yes, before coffee. Before anything else. Do it naked or in your underwear even. Want to skyrocket your inner goddess to the surface? Try this 40 minutes yoga video with Adrien:

  3. Look at yourself naked in the mirror and select at least ONE thing you love about your body. It could be your hair, your hips, the color of your eyes.

  4. Take a shower, do your hair, wear some makeup (even apply some face moisturizer and chapstick if you hate makeup) every day. Yes, ESPECIALLY when you will be home all day alone.

  5. Eat at least five different raw veggies or fruit during the day to give your body a supercharge of nutrients. You don’t need to change any other eating pattern at this point. Your goal is to feel gorgeous, not to lose weight. You will feel better if you get the dose of vitamins and fiber.

  6. You should get dressed up for YOU and for how YOU want to feel. It should have nothing to do with where you are going, and with whom. The added benefit? There is no need to ‘get ready’ to go anywhere, which means you are always up for fun and exciting plan changes. Do you hate all your clothes? Invest in one outfit that makes you feel super attractive.

  7. Schedule ten minutes to do something you love at the same time every day that is internet and TV free and DO IT. It could be drawing, painting, writing, reading comics, watching the sunrise, baking cookies, arranging flowers, planting and tending a garden, having a laugh over coffee with friends, volunteering, coloring, playing an instrument, or whatever brings a smile to your face, happiness to your heart or fulfillment to your spirit. Can’t think of anything? Explore different activities until you find one that lights you up on the inside.

  8. Before bed reach your hands out in front of you and then cross your right arm over your left and reach your hands to grasp your shoulder blades. Squeeze. Yes, you are giving yourself a hug. Switch arms, placing the left arm over your right and reach for your shoulder blades. Hate the idea of hugging yourself? Call it a stretch. Next, entwine your hands behind your back and then reach your hands down toward the floor, stretching your chest to the sky. Smile.

Give these eight steps to feeling gorgeous time. Once you start feeling gorgeous without efforting to change your body, you may decide that you want to lose some weight FOR YOU. Or you may choose to feel healthy and beautiful just the way you are, no change necessary.

In both cases, you’ll be the one I’ll want to talk to at that cocktail party — not that skinny grumpy bitch in the corner.

Wishing you to feel healthy, vibrant, and gorgeous, -Heather