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The Journey to Health and Wellness

Imagine yourself at your healthiest and most joyful, living your ideal life.

Who are the people surrounding you?

Where are you living? What does your home look like?

What is your daily routine? What do you do on the weekends?

What habits contribute to your joy and health?

What are you projecting into the world?

What work do you do?

What do your relationships look like?

What are your finances?

What kind of spiritual life do you pursue?

How would you describe yourself? How do others describe you?

Now List 3 WELLNESS Elements in your LIFE you would like to change to close the gap between where you are and your vision.

OPTIONS: work wellness, spiritual wellness, financial wellness, social wellness, mental wellness, physical wellness, home wellness, emotional wellness.

Write down three actions you can take for each element you would like to improve or change in your life.

Here is an example. Example Priorities & Action steps:

EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. Higher stress resilience.

ACTION 1: start going once a week to a yoga class ACTION 2: start taking a 10-minute walk during the lunch break ACTION 3: sleeping 7-8 hours every night

WORK WELLNESS. Find more satisfaction at work.

ACTION 1: start improving my skills by taking a course online ACTION 2: arriving at work one hour earlier to work on medium or long term projects for the first part of my work day ACTION 3: look for opportunities to take on new, exciting jobs

SOCIAL WELLNESS. Meet new people. Make new friends.

ACTION 1: attend a new meet-up every Thursday evening ACTION 2: join a new club ACTION 3: throw one party a month and invite new people

People say that change is difficult, but doesn’t need to be! Don’t let fear clutch at you and hold you back. Reflect, work through this exercise, write down your plan, then ACT. Action in the present moment is the answer to a more vibrant and rewarding life.

Wishing you radiant health & joy – Namaste Heather

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