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The Secret Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

The Secret Reason You’re Not Losing Weight, Even Though You’re Trying Like Hell

  1. You’re Not Eating Enough

Yes, I’m serious. A primary reason why you aren’t losing weight is that you are not eating enough. Most people who aren’t losing weight despite their best efforts are not consuming enough food daily.

I’m sure you’ve been told that losing weight is a function of just eating fewer calories. So perhaps you have cut your portion sizes. You’ve skipped a meal or two. You’ve walked right past those brownies at the coffee break at work.

You’re doing everything you think you should be doing, and you’re still not shedding the weight. It’s frustrating. What’s worse, it makes you want to throw in the towel and give up. Why keep depriving yourself of one of the joys of living, if it isn’t working?

The good news is, you’re wrong. You need to eat more, instead of less, to lose weight.

You need to eat heaps more raw vegetables every day. Do NOT eat more salad.

Instead, I want you to try cutting up half a red bell pepper, a quarter of a cucumber, one whole carrot, a ripe red tomato, red-cooked beets, shredded cabbage, a quarter of an avocado, and some diced up fresh herbs of choice, such as chives, basil, parsley, or cilantro.

Place all of the raw diced up veggies into a salad bowl with the fresh cut up herbs and add one tablespoon of olive oil and some vinegar.

In Switzerland, they have a refrigerated herb-based salad dressing which contains no added sugar, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives. If you can find such a healthy and fresh salad dressing kept in the fridge, you can use a tablespoon of that instead. Anything sold on a grocery store shelf, instead of the refrigerated section, won’t work.

Eat this raw cut up vegetable-dish for lunch every day IN ADDITION to what you usually eat for lunch, such as a sandwich, slice of pizza, bowl of soup, dish of pasta.

After two weeks, you will start to lose weight. After four weeks, you will begin to notice a difference not only in the way you look but in how good you feel in your body.

Now wait for a second, you might be thinking. I can’t believe this will work. She wants me to ADD more food to my diet to LOSE weight?

I know it is counterintuitive to everything we have been told. I’ll explain how it works later on after I tell you the catch.

You were waiting for the shoe to drop. Yes, if eating more to lose weight sounded too good to be true, I’m telling you there is something else you need to do.

  1. You Need to Give Up Your Gym Membership to Lose Weight

I am serious. You need to give up your gym membership to lose weight.

Instead of getting on your workout clothes, traveling to the gym, and sweating it out on the machines or in a class, you need to roll out of bed in the morning and do five minutes of pushups, wall squat, and leg lifts.

For the leg raises, you lay flat on your back, then bring your legs straight up to a ninety-degree angle. Lower your legs slowly back down to the floor, and repeat. When you do your pushups, be sure your body comes down to the floor in a straight line. To do the wall squat, find a wall and press the full length of your back to the wall. Slide down until your legs are at a ninety-degree angle and hold for one minute.

It doesn’t matter if you can only do pushups on your knees, to start. I don’t care if you only last twenty seconds in the wall squat, and can only manage ten leg lifts. You’ll get stronger. Eventually, you will be able to do 30-50 pushups, 30 leg lifts, and one full minute of wall squat.

The next ten minutes you will spend doing yoga. Youtube has ten-minute routines for you to follow for free. Find your favorite and click play.

Yoga with Heather

By exercising first thing in the morning (yes before your first cup of coffee or tea or anything else) you will be boosting your metabolism for the entire day. Just fifteen minutes of effort will supercharge your body with energy.

The bad news, is it will take anywhere between thirty days to six months before getting up and doing your five minutes of pushups and leg lifts and ten minutes of yoga becomes a habit.

The good news is that at some point, you will get up, roll directly to the floor, and exercise without thinking. Your body will be on autopilot. As absolutely insane as it might seem right now, someday you will open your eyes and crave the exercise like your favorite coffee or tea.

Throughout your day do not sit down for more than one hour at a time without getting up to stretch, do a chore, walk around the block, or go up and down ten stairs.

After lunch and dinner, you need to go for a ten-minute walk. If you have kids, bring them with you. If you can get your co-workers, spouse, friends, or boss to come with you, then high fives all around. You are helping everyone slim down and boost their well-being. Don’t fret or waste more than one minute trying to convince people to go with you though. Just turn on your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast and go out for that walk. After all, you will only be gone for ten minutes.

Now, you may still believe that going to the gym is what you need to do to lose weight. Perhaps you see a link between sweat and getting that weight off.

Guess what? Sweating it out at the gym is part of what is, or will keep the weight on you. Why is this true? Well, when I’ve worked out hard at the gym, I consciously or unconsciously think I deserve a little treat for all that effort. I mean, after all that sweating, I deserve that extra piece of pizza, chocolate, brownie, [insert favorite food here]. In comparison, if you do a few minutes of exercise here, and a few minutes of activity there, well it doesn’t feel like much.

So believe me when I tell you to ditch the gym membership. You are making it too hard.

Finding the time and energy to get dressed and get yourself to the gym, especially if you are balancing a family and w