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There is NO SIZE TAG on SEXY

There is NO SIZE TAG on SEXY

When I say ‘sexy woman’ what do you picture? Is she soft and voluptuous with an hourglass figure? Is she big boobs and tiny hips? Is she thin and willowy with a flat chest? Is she athletic and strong? What about when I say ‘beautiful woman,’ is the image the same?

Throughout history, our ideas of beauty and attraction have changed. Just like fashions, some body types have come in vogue as the definition of sexy or beautiful.

What can we learn from this? That sexy and beautiful are mental constructs that are imposed on us by society, but they don’t represent how every man or woman feels. The truth is that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.

So chose to feel beautiful exactly how you are. Dress your body in a way to show off your best features. If you are flat chested, don’t buy a padded bra. Pull up a video of a ballerina dancing and at how lovely she is in her leotard. Dress to actuate your thin figure.

If you have curves, then wear clothes to show off your beautiful breasts, hips, or even that awesome ass of yours. IF the clothing choice is a significant change for you, and you are feeling self-conscious in your new look at first, then wear it around the house on a day in first. See how you feel.

Decide to dress to draw attention to your body. Dress to walk around feeling gorgeous, strong, playful, sexy, or adventurous. Instead of covering up or changing parts of your body you don’t like, draw attention to your best features.

You’ll increase your level of well-being if you make peace with the body you have been gifted. After all, there are no exchanges and modifications can cost you dearly.

Learn to feel comfortable with your body exactly as it is, and stop defining beauty as the exact opposite of the way you look. After all, there is no size tag on sexy, and confidence comes in every size.

Wishing you to feel sexy and beautiful just as you are – Heather

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