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Twenty Signs You Are Stressed Out (Even If You Don’t Think You Are.)

Twenty Signs You Are Stressed Out (Even If You Don’t Think You Are.)

We are masters at deceiving ourselves and others. Can you recall a time when you were powering your way through life, pretending to yourself and the world that you had everything under control? Only you were lying. It wasn’t just that you were putting up a persona to this rest of the world.

You were trying to convince yourself that you could handle any and every aspect of your life.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be acing it at work, thriving in their relationships, tackling the long list of chores on the home front to create a gorgeous environment, and investing in health and wellness for body, mind, and inner being? It’s possible, right?

Sure. You can achieve wellness in all areas of your life. You can even delight in these days, weeks, months or years.

But life is going to throw you a curve ball someday, and you will no longer be able to hit it out of the park like you usually do. It might just be that you need to admit it even to yourself, that you’re completely, and totally, stressed out.

Yeah, even with all the hours of yoga and meditation you do every week.

If you lie to yourself about being stressed out, then you could cause harm not only yourself but radiating outwards from yourself into your relationships. Everyone reacts to stress in different ways. Do you know yours?

If you don’t think stress is the culprit, but you feel ‘off,’ emotionally-reactive, experience a sense of disjoint and un-wellness, and suffer pains and aches in your body, dig deeper.

People show different symptoms in stressful situations. You can evaluate your symptoms and how you are reacting to the people and world around you.


Do you:

  1. Feel a push to just power through your long to-do list accompanied by a feeling of exhaustion?

  2. Suffer from unrelenting headaches?

  3. Feel fatigued?

  4. Feel pain and achiness in your shoulders?

  5. Feel pain and achiness in your lower back?

  6. Feel pain and achiness in your hips?

  7. Feel angry, or are quick to anger over small things?

  8. Feel sad and overwhelmed?

  9. Feel sad and a sense of underwhelming?

  10. Feel helpless?

  11. Feel anxious?

  12. Feel a sense of disinterest in the world around you?

  13. Feel irritable, and you aren’t sure why?

  14. Lack of your regular sex drive?

  15. Find yourself rapidly losing or gaining weight?

  16. Want to hide from the world?

  17. Find yourself close to tears?

  18. Criticize others in your life?

  19. Seek stimulants, such as extreme caffeine intake, to cover your exhaustion?

  20. Seek out alcohol or drugs daily to ‘take the edge off’ and relax?

If you recognized how you react to stress, then grab a pen and write down your tell sign(s) that you are stressed.

The next time you catch yourself putting up a front and resisting the reality of how stressed out you are, pause. Then ask yourself what good method of reducing the stress you can do immediately, in a few hours, and every day to release and reduce tension in your body, mind, and soul.

Stress-Busting Options Include:

Doing some breath-work instantly

Going out for a five-minute walk around the block

Making a date with your yoga mat

Curling up and laughing at your favorite program


Spending a few hours or an entire day in nature