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Burnout doesn’t come from your job. I’m serious. I mean it CAN come from your work, but more often than not, it comes from a deeper place.

I have to be honest… I know this from personal experience in addition to wellness coaching.

Okay, time to get vulnerable and honest. I’d love to pretend I’ve always been radiating wellness, energized and loving life.

Yes, I’ve always been healthy and fit, with no trouble eating my greens, eating handfuls of blueberries instead of candy, and doing yoga daily.

But do you know what?

All that didn’t keep me from becoming chronically fatigued, super stressed, and eventually sliding toward full burn out. I’m sure without the healthy food, wellness, and yoga, I would have!

I struggled and suffered to figure out what was wrong. I truly wanted to feel energized and alive to show up as my best self for the people I love, to take action on my dreams, to contribute and connect on a deep level.

Honestly, it was a struggle because I was EXHAUSTED ALL the TIME. I managed to keep the stress under control with yoga, but the exhaustion? That hit me hard and I did EVERYTHING I could think of to fix it.

I went to the doctor, tried giving up sugar (side note: I am not a wellness coach who will advise that!) and went to bed earlier and earlier.

Nothing worked until I discovered that I was burning out, and the solution was not as simple as drinking more green smoothies.

Until I discovered through trial and error a system of mindset work, wellness habits, health goals, connection, and cultivating purpose.

I HATE it when they advise people near burnout to ‘stop being perfectionistic’ and ‘just take more breaks’ or ‘enjoy a long soak in the tub love’. I know that advice is well-intentioned, but it doesn’t solve the underlying issues.


I wish there was a magic button or relaxation technique to fix things. The honest truth: the solution to chronic stress, fatigue, and sliding into burnout is multifaceted.

  1. Doing mindset work to become stress, resilient, confident, empowered, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent.

  2. Using meditation, time in nature, and affirmation statements to cultivate a sense of contentment. Feeling as you have enough, the present moment is enough; YOU are enough.

  3. Opening yourself up to laughing out loud and having fun for at least a few minutes every day.

  4. Having the courage to try something, fail, and then try a different way, and another, and another way, until something works.

  5. Making a promise to do something every day, and keeping your promise, building your integrity, will build your confidence.

  6. Creating a sense of meaning and purpose in your life in your work, the people you care for and love, a passion you pursue, volunteer work, or another way you contribute.

  7. Committing to learning new things and new skills every week.

  8. Learning to transition between work, play, and rest so that you can go into different states entirely with minimal friction.

  9. Learning to grow and maintain connections that give your life meaning.

  10. Setting new goals and achieving them, building your confidence and self-efficacy.

  11. Building healthy lifestyle habits to incorporate into daily life, from waking up to going to bed at night, such as daily movement, eating gut-happy whole grains, high nutrient fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy proteins and fats, drinking enough water, getting enough deep sleep, socializing regularly, learning, spending time in nature, meditating or praying, and laughing out loud often and much.

WHEW! I know that is a long list, but start with just ONE element and begin working on making it a habit and integral part of your daily life.

You don’t, however, have to recover your energy, optimism, joy for living, and wellness alone.

My Energize & Elevate one on one coaching program is tailored to fit each unique client and is 3 months in duration.

It includes eight coaching sessions, each 45-minutes long, and wellness material and homework delivered each week to make everything flow with ease (no overwhelm).

Have questions?

Let’s chat. Book a FREE discovery wellness coaching session.

My passion is to help as many people as I can to recover their energy and vitality so they can live the life of their dreams.

I’ll ask you a series of questions to get clarity on what is happening in your life, what is blocking you, and what your dream wellness life feels like. I’ll either invite you to join the program, or point you in the right direction to resources you on your wellness journey.