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What Are the 9 Habits You Need to Quit Immediately to Be More Successful?

What Are the 9 Habits You Need to Quit Immediately to Be More Successful


Are you sleepwalking, my friend? Do you know what you want and why you want it?

So many of us are allowing the media, culture landscape, family, friends, and even people we don’t like very much to influence what we think we should be doing without lives. It’s working in the subconscious most of the time unless we get conscious unless we WAKE ourselves UP.

Ask yourselves, is this what I want? Most people think they should strive to be ‘more successful,’ but what does success mean to you? How would it feel in your body?

‘MORE successful’ could equate to LESS. Less working hours per week, less money coming in, less money going out, more time. It could mean less working hours and more money. It could mean doing exactly what you are doing now but bringing more ease and sweetness into your efforts, so each day feels satisfying or exhilarating instead of exhausting.

Remember, the truth feels light and lies heavy. What do you want MORE of now? What do you want LESS of now? Why?



Wake up. Face the fear of knowing your answer, standing in your truth. Watch how everything begins to shift and change.


Yes, I know you say you want to be successful. You want X. You want X so much.

So you say.

But do you?

Are you having trouble taking action- massive action -each and every day toward what you want? Then your desire is weak, and success will be limited.

If your desire is strong, then will power won’t be a problem. If you blame your willpower, then that is a red flag to check back in again. Do you want what you say you do?

If you say you want something, but you are not willing to pay the price of attaining it, you find yourself wanting to do something else more than what you ‘should’ be doing, pause. Question.

Am I weak in desire for this? Why?

Your desire must be strong to be more successful. The commitment must be there to match your strong desire, and you must be willing to give up ease, free time, and other activities so that you can direct energy and intention.

To be more successful in getting what you want, ensure that your desire is intense enough to fuel you forward through obstacles and detours, challenges, and insecurities.


Banish fear from your being every time it appears in your thoughts, in your speech, in your being and doing. Fear can be insidious, sound logical, mask itself in many cloaks. It shows up as questions, ‘but,’ and ‘what if,’ ‘why me,’ ‘I can’t,’

Courage is not something you are given, but that you earn every time you look fear in the face and say, “I can and I will.”

I can, and I will.

Every creeping question and insecurity that arises into consciousness is met with,

‘why not me?’

‘why not now?’

‘why don’t I give it a go?’

‘a person of courage would… and I am a person of courage.’

Banish fear and its whole host of negative emotions moment by moment, day by day.

Be courageous, think courage, speak courage, do courage.

‘I can and I will…..’


Do you wait to feel motivated to do things? Stop.

Now that you have ensured your desire is truly yours, your desire is intense and banished fear as you take action. It’s time to replace motivation with energy and invincible determination. Energy and invincible determination are the next link in the chain toward tremendous success.

Energy and invincible determination are the next link in the chain toward tremendous success.

You can think, ‘I can, and I will,’ count to three, and take action without being motivated. Do it enough times, and you will begin to create