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What Are the Benefits of Daily Yoga?

Do You Want to Look Sexy and Fit? Daily yoga is the answer.

Yoga will improve your physical fitness by aiding you in losing weight and gaining a strong and flexible body.

Benefits of Yoga #1 You Can Lose Weight by Practicing Yoga

An extensive review of clinical studies by researchers revealed that a regular yoga practice will enable you to lose weight and then to maintain this healthy weight afterward. For best results, aim to practice for at least thirty minutes daily.

Benefits of Yoga #2 You Will Gain Muscular Strength by Practicing Yoga

In a study of 173 Chinese adults participating in a 12-week Hatha Yoga trial, the 87 people who practiced yoga achieved significant improvements in their muscular strength compared to the control group, enabling them to perform better in the pushup and curl up tests. Additionally, the yoga group significantly improved the flexibility of their lower backs and hamstrings as well as their cardiorespiratory endurance.

Benefits of Yoga #3 You Will Increase Your Flexibility by Practicing Yoga

In the clinical study in China the participants in the yoga group also significantly improved the flexibility of their lower backs and hamstrings. Countless studies have shown the power of yoga to improve your flexibility and range of motion. The combination of deep breathing and fluid movement encourages the body to open and muscles to elongate.

Benefits of Yoga #4 You Can Improve Your Aerobic Fitness by Practicing Yoga

Yoga can strengthen your heart and improve your aerobic fitness if you take part in a hatha or vinyasa flow class which raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated.

Benefits of Yoga #5 You Will Improve Your Posture

Yoga gives attention to lengthening the spine while opening the chest and relaxing the shoulders. With time your posture will improve, which will cause you to look more confident, relaxed, and attractive.

Do you want to feel vibrant, healthy and happy?

Yoga will supercharge your wellness by improving the quality of your sleep, boosting your immune system, raise your self-esteem, heighten your sex drive, improve your digestion, and increase feelings of happiness, gratitude, and serenity.

Benefits of Yoga #6 You Will Sleep Better

In a clinical study of female nurses, researchers found those that committed to a regular yoga practice improved the quality of their sleep and even reduced the stress level the experienced at work.

Benefits of Yoga #7 You Will Boost Your Immune System

There have been numerable clinical studies that have revealed the power of yoga to strengthen the immune system and help you fight against cancer. How does this work?

In a clinical study, researchers did tests on those practicing yoga for forty minutes a day daily at home with one ninety-minute studio practice per week. The study found the yogis increased their production of GSH, IFN-y, and IL-12.

The researchers concluded that the regular practice of yoga decreased the oxidative stress associated biomarkers while increasing the antioxidant components and immune-related cytokines. Meanwhile, the yogis also experienced higher serotonin levels and a decrease in adrenaline levels.

Another study found that movement through yoga asanas boosts your immune system by draining lymph, which is high in immune cells.

So if you want to fortify your body from catching every illness that sweeps through your office, take up a regular yoga practice.

Benefits of Yoga #8 You Will Raise Your Self-esteem

Why does yoga boost your self-esteem? You start to build an inner fire when you show up every day on your yoga mat. You will feel proud that you commit to a practice and follow through, even if this commitment is just ten minutes per day.

With time you will master poses you never thought possible, achieve flexibility you only dreamed of, and gradually slim to a healthy weight. There will be a surge of confidence the first time you kick up into a handstand, or your heels touch the floor in downward dog.

When you start a regular yoga practice you begin to show up for yourself by taking responsibility for your physical, mental, and perhaps spiritual wellness too. By engaging in self-respect, if not self-love, you will raise your self-esteem.

Benefits of Yoga #9 You Will Rev Up Your Sex Drive

Regular yoga practice can boost body acceptance and self-esteem, which can result in an increase in desire for women, according to a Harvard study.

As you improve your physical fitness and general well-being, you will feel more sensual and desirable.

Benefits of Yoga #10 You Will Improve Your Digestion

Yoga not only calms the mind down but causes the body to switch off the fight or flight modus and switch on the parasympathetic nervous system. Digestion shuts down when we are stressed as the energy is sent to power the lungs, arms, and legs.

Meanwhile, when we are in a state of relaxation, the body returns the flow of energy back to digestion. Yoga could help you if you suffer from IBS syndrome, constipation, or tummy aches on and off again. Just a few minutes of yoga after eating can make an improvement in your ability to digest a meal.

Regular yoga practice of thirty to ninety minutes will not only activate your parasympathetic system and increase the functioning of your digestion system, but it will also move and twist your organs.