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What Color Energy Are You Vibrating?

What Color Energy Are You Vibrating?

Are you feeling deeply connected to nature, the world, and the universe? Your energy is vibrating at the pinnacle level of violet, where a blissful sense of unison with everything washes over you.

When you settle into a profound state of peace your energy vibrates at a state just under enlightenment. Your color is a lavender color.

Emotions such as gratitude, joy, love, serenity, fun, playfulness, cheerfulness, awe, wonder, delight, calm, contentment, flow, hope, and euphoria all vibrate at a high level. The colors flow along the range from green to blue, to pink.

You can oscillate quickly between different emotional states so rapidly that it feels like you are feeling them at the same time. For instance, a wave of gratitude can shift to joy, change to a feeling of love, and then back up even higher to a sense of spacious stillness and connection with all things. Your color will shift from shades of pink to indigo, to green, to purple.

If you are feeling shame or guilt, then your energy is vibrating at the lowest level. The colors are black and grey. Apathy, grief, and fear are higher vibrational states than shame and guilt, but still low vibrations. Instead of black and grey you will have the color red or orange.

Although pride and desire may feel good, these emotions are of lower vibration than states of neutrality, openness, and acceptance.

Which is a higher vibration: apathy, or anger?

Did you answer anger?

I was surprised and puzzled in my research to find a variety of different authors state that anger is a higher vibration than apathy. I reasoned that apathy isn’t destructive, nor does it have the ability to hurt oneself or others.

I was wrong in two ways.

Apathy is like an insidious weed at the base of a tree. It looks harmless. It slowly seeps away nutrients and wraps itself up the trunk until eventually the tree withers and even perishes.

We need hope or meaning to survive. Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning, survived the Holocaust and wrote in his book afterward about the experience. Frankl writes that those without hope or meaning they could see to their life died rapidly.

In a state of apathy, we do not care so we do not grow. We do not actively plan and engage in new experiences that could bring us happiness, nor reflect on existing sources of connection and contribution while seeking out new ones. Without personal growth, new experiences, and opportunities to connect and contribute, we lose the sources of happiness and contentment in our lives.

Pleasure, love, courage, pride, growth, deep serenity, wonder, awe, connection, tenderness, kindness, laughter, fun, playfulness, creativity, joy, peace, and gratitude are states that don’t rise up out of apathy.

Being with someone in a state of apathy can feel like an energy vampire is drinking away your vitality and joie de vivre by the minute. Just like the insidious weed, apathy in one person can pull an entire group of people down to a lower energy vibration.

Anger, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be just as destructive as first came to my mind. Anger can be a potent source of energy to make a positive change. Anger can fuel change:

In improving your life situation,

Growing as a person,

Insisting on being treated better,

Rising to protect a person, animal, or the planet,

or working to improve your family, neighborhood, town, state, country, or the world.

If you begin to enter a state of apathy you need to take immediate action to shift yourself to a higher vibration. You may need to enlist the help of a friend, or family member, or reach out for help from a mental care professional. You may not feel like it, but get your body moving with daily exercise.

Going out and meeting with people could be the last thing you want to do, but force yourself to go. Get into action to volunteer or spread kindness and generosity in small or big ways. Sit down a write out a gratitude list.

Take out a journal and list all the positive growth you have gone through in the past few years. Dream new dreams and take some tiny steps in daily life toward fulfilling them. Brainstorm new ways you can improve the relationships with the people already in your life or make some new connections. It may not happen right away, but you will boost yourself up out of apathy to a higher vibration and feel more radiant and more open to joy.

Which is a higher vibration: Courage or Acceptance?

Surprise its acceptance. At least I was shocked to read that a state of acceptance resonates at a higher energy vibration than courage.

Courage for me brings up visions of heroes, both fictional and real. It takes courage to save the day, help others, and work towards dreams that seem out of reach or impossible. Most masterful stories involve some moments of great courage.

Additionally, I found it difficult to find a great differentiation between apathy and acceptance at first. I mean, both are okay with the way things are, right?

Acceptance Versus Apathy

There are subtle nuances of differentiation between acceptance and apathy.

In a state of acceptance, we enter a deep state of contentment about everything as it is right NOW, but we can still engage with life, play with it, enjoy it, and grow as a person physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

We just aren’t attached to the results of our efforts.

After all, we accept all as it is so nothing NEEDS to change. It’s just fun to dive into the beautiful, participatory experience of life. It is as if more and more light enters our bodies. In a state of acceptance, we become luminous. It is difficult to vibrate in a state of acceptance and not rise up higher to a state of bliss, serenity, or joy. There is even contentment in the acceptance of unpleasant or painful experiences we can’t change because it involves making a choice to surrender to suffering.

In contrast, in a state of apathy, we allow ourselves to grow heavy with despair, lethargy, and darkness. What is the point? Why should I care? It’s all useless. We surrender to unnecessary suffering. We cut off the light and disallow it from moving through us. We refuse to engage in and play with life.

Both Mr. Apathy and Mr. Acceptance are on a train that is delayed. They will be 6 hours on the train. Mr. Apathy scowls and frets at arriving late at his destination. He slumps in his assigned seat and resigns himself to misery. Mr. Acceptance shrugs his shoulders. He begins to wander the train.

He finds the restaurant wagon and enjoys an aromatic coffee and strikes up an interesting conversation with the person at the next table. They laugh together a lot. He finds out about an interesting event coming to his town. On the way back to his seat he trips over a child, bangs his elbow hard, and is told off by the child’s mother for not paying closer attention. The child stops crying and turns out to be fine.

He is pleased to have some time once he reaches his seat to shut his eyes and have a nap. His elbow is still throbbing as he falls asleep. When he awakes he becomes absorbed in a good book. Before he knows it the train is reaching his destination.

Both men arrive at the same time, on the same train, to the same destination. One continued to play with life. The other retracted from life.

How to Raise Your Energy Vibration

1. Laugh Out LOUD

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Laughter raises our energy vibration faster than almost any other way. Look up a comedian to listen to or watch, be silly, tell a funny story, or think about a funny memory.

2. Ground Yourself

Take off your socks and shoes and walk barefoot through the grass. Lay on a blanket on the ground and feel the solidity of the earth beneath you. Sense and feel loving energy deep within the planet that says, “I’m so happy to see you.

I love you and I am so, so, so happy you are here.” Feel this loving energy from the Earth travel up your toes, feet, legs, fingertips, arms, up your torso, and shoulders into your neck and head.

Allow your body to become heavy with deep relaxation as you feel safe and supported by the earth.

3. Where are You?

Most people are unaware of their thoughts most of the time. They live on autopilot with thoughts streaming through their brain. Take some time each day to find out: where are you?

How are you feeling?

What thoughts are traveling through your brain?

Unplug from all things digital and go outside. Take some deep breaths and watch your thoughts. Feel into your body and sense what you are feeling.

Where are you vibrating?

Now you can take active steps to raise your emotions and your vibration by changing your thoughts, body tension, and brain chemistry.

4. Shake it Up

Moving your body allows your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and fascia to release points of tension and allow for more fluidity, flexibility, strength, oxygen, and well-being.

Just 10 minutes of moderate exercise per day can make a massive change in your health and well-being. Your brain chemistry changes as the movement stimulates new endorphins to release. Exercise not only benefits your health it also uplifts how you are feeling to a higher vibration.

5. The Power of Imagination

Close your eyes and take time to visualize if you want to raise your energy vibration.

See on the movie screen in your mind visions of your happiest memories, and people you love, and feel the sensations and powerful emotions with full intensity.

Next smile, which activates the brain to feel happier even if you aren’t feeling the emotion yet.

6. Hello My Old Friend

When was the last time you leaned against the strength and healing power of a tree?

Your energy vibration will elevate if you can spend at least 10 minutes leaning against a tree or even hugging one. Yes, I said hugging one. It’s really a thing. I dare you to try it.

To get out of your head and increase the healing power of being with a tree, bring your attention to your breath. Feel your belly expand on each inhalation. Feel the air inflating your lungs forward, to the side, backward, in 360 degrees.

Use your hands to feel the texture of the bark of the tree.

Imagine the roots of the tree spread and grounded deep into the earth. Sense the yearning of the tree branches to climb up toward the stars above you.

7. Where do You Feel It?

Where do you feel gratitude? Are you living in your head?

Bring yourself out of your head and into your heart area to raise your vibration. To do this, place your hands over your heart and say out loud, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Raise your arms over your head, lift your gaze upward, smile, and then repeat, thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the last step keep your arms raised up to the sky, begin to jump up and down, and repeat, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and actively feel the gratitude emotion in your heart.

For a super boost in vibration, you can go for a gratitude walk in nature. Look for the beauty around you. Thank the trees, the flowers, the sunlight, and the shifting clouds, for their beauty. Repeat over and over in your head, “I am so grateful,” like a mantra. It is essential to feel the emotion of gratitude in your heart as you repeat, “I am so grateful.”

Do not become disillusioned if the feeling of gratitude doesn’t arise instantly. Give yourself at least 10 minutes of walking and repeating, “I am grateful.” With time, you can add on what you are grateful for, such as “I am grateful for the sun on my face. I am grateful for water to drink. I am thankful for the trees. I am thankful for the feel of the wind on my skin.”

8. Come Back Down to Go Up

Most people live in their heads instead of inhabiting their entire bodies with their awareness. To raise your vibration, bring your conscious attention back to all parts of your body.

1. Sit on the floor and rub your feet.

Trace gentle circles around your ankles. Move your hands in smooth long strokes over your calves and shins. Next, circle lightly over your knees and the backs of your knees. Flow back and forth over your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Apply firm pressure and circle over your hips. Travel up the side body with the hands before circling clockwise over the belly.

Gently tap on the low and middle back, waking up the energy in your power storehouse. Take your attention to your liver, on the right side of the body, and place your hands there.

Next, place your hands on your chest, taking some deep, smooth breaths in and out through the nose as you feel into your lungs.

Gently circle afterward over your heart, on the left side of your chest. Start with the left arm, massaging in circles over the left shoulder, up and down over the upper arm, circling over the elbow, gliding back and forth over the lower arm, and circling around the left wrist. Rub your hands together and then repeat everything on the right arm.

Bring your hands to the back of your neck and walk your fingers up and down on either side of your spine. Press into the place where your neck joins your head on either side of your spine and rotate clockwise six times.

Finish by smoothing your hands lightly down your throat, massaging your jaw, ears, cheekbones, nose ridge, and the point in between your eyebrows.

Come to close by placing one hand on your forehead and one on the back of your head to ground yourself. Smooth your hands down your body one last time and feel the energy radiating within and from your body into your auric field.

Heather Lenz

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