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What Color Energy Are You Vibrating?

So what does higher vibration mean?

A higher vibration means you are oscillating at a place of extreme positive emotion. We are all made of energy, and you are currently emitting an energetic frequency. Your emotional energy, even unconscious emotional energy, is flowing out from you.

You may be thinking, hey Heather, but if the emotion isn’t conscious, then how do I know if it is a ‘high’ vibration or a ‘lower’ more negative emotional vibration I’m sending out?

Ask yourself, do I feel heavy, or do I feel light? Feeling light, buoyant, expansive, and energetic or content means you are at a higher vibration. Feeling degrees of heaviness, lethargy, and contraction means you are at a low vibration.

Color Energy

Are you feeling connected to nature, the world, the universe?

Your energy is vibrating at the violet’s pinnacle level, where a blissful sense of unison with everything washes over you.

When you settle into a profound peace, your energy vibrates at a state just under enlightenment. Your color is lavender.

Emotions such as gratitude, joy, love, serenity, fun, playfulness, cheerfulness, awe, wonder, delight, calm, contentment, flow, hope, and euphoria all vibrate at a high level. The colors flow along with the range from green, to blue, to pink.

You can be oscillating quickly between different emotional states so rapidly that it feels like you are feeling them at the same time.

For instance, a wave of gratitude can shift to joy, change to a feeling of love, and then back up even higher to a sense of spacious stillness and connection with all things. Your color will shift from shades of pink to indigo, to green, to purple.

If you are feeling shame or guilt, then your energy is vibrating at the lowest level. The colors are black and grey.

Apathy, grief, and fear are higher vibrational states than shame and guilt, but still low vibrations. Instead of black and grey, you will have the color red or orange.

Although pride and desire may feel good, these emotions are of a lower vibration than states of neutrality, openness, and acceptance.

Which is a higher vibration: apathy or anger?

Did you answer anger?

I was surprised and puzzled in my research that a variety of different authors state that anger is a higher vibration than apathy. I reasoned that apathy isn’t destructive, nor does it have the ability to hurt oneself or others.

I was wrong in two ways.