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People tend to ask me what the benefit of getting a wellness coach is for them.

You go to a wellness coach to get clarity on where you are and where you want to be, be held accountable, and empowered to TRANSFORM.

Coaches empower people to change their lives.

Sometimes, people are confused about how they will know if the health coach or wellness coach is a good investment.

What is the difference between a good and ‘bad’ coach? anyway? From my experience, a brilliant coach puts you in the spotlight and acts as a detective, meeting you at eye level, and asking lots of questions to act as a catalyst for your own Ah-HA moments.

I mean, if you want to know how to make a green smoothie, or start to meditate, decrease your sugar, or align with your soul purpose, well, there are SO many paid and free resources out there. Why invest in a coach?

You go to a coach to get clarity and focus, laser in on what you want, and be held accountable to take the actions that will best serve you. And yeah, they will give you some great resources, directly applicable to what you need, when you need it. True, you can get information, and even motivation from a Youtube video, a book, or an article. But you can’t get support, willpower, and clarity. It’s as simple as that. Some highly-driven, high-willpower people think they should be able to go it alone, figure it all out with what’s out there for free, but guess what? It doesn’t always work, and then you’re beating yourself up about failing or not being motivated enough. It’s not about willpower. A GOOD coach knows she’s not there to give you her knowledge or talk about how awesomely healthy and aligned she is in her life unless it is a side note to showcase that she’s walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Instead, the majority of the coaching time, YOU are being led to talk and journal with transformative questions. That’s why it’s excellent that coaches give free discovery sessions! You get to see their coaching style. Be wary if the coach spends more time talking then asking questions, and check-in with if you resonate with their energy and vibe.

After all, I can’t understand how my husband can hate avocados; they’re so yummy! But he loves his spinach greens, so tastes differ. Find a coach that is a good match for you.

I’d love to set up a time to talk with you about how to up level your life quality by bringing in more wellness and joy.


Here’s what we’ll be covering in the wellness coaching call: I’ll ask you a series of questions so we can dial in on where you are now and what your dream result looks like.

  1. Where are you right now with your health, wellness, stress level, and lifestyle? What is your energy like?

  2. What’s been holding you back?

  3. What does your life look and feel like when you’ve achieved your wellness goals?

At the end of the call, I will decide if we are a good match and either invite you to join my 1-1 coaching program, or send you on your wellness journey with love.

This discovery call is a win-win for both of us. My passion is to bring more wellness and joy to people, and you can get clarity on where you are, why your wellness is suffering, and exactly what you want for the future.

Looking forward to our call,