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Yoga & Natural Beauty Products = Feel So Good

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

My Journey to Natural Beauty Products

Yoga is good for your body, emotional stability, and serenity. So why not continue that goodness by including only natural beauty products in your self-care rituals?

All-natural beauty products are worth the switch. You may be hesitant to throw out all your skin, hair, and cosmetic products and buy everything all-natural.

I was hesitant too.

Then I did some research. Did you know your face cream and favorite hair product are filled with chemicals and toxins?

I didn’t. I just wanted products that would moisturize and give my skin a boost, and tame my curly hair.

Who doesn’t want to glow with luminous skin? Hey, I am even willing to accept a few laugh lines around my eyes if my skin is gorgeous. We’ve been coached by the media and advertisements that investing in expensive face creams is worth the price.

Yet I recently learned that my luxurious face cream is filled with toxins and chemicals. I just had just bought the new face cream before I discovered the adverse side effects of chemically based products.

I was torn. I asked my husband what he thought. Should I really just throw the new pricey face cream away because it contains toxins?

How bad could they be, anyway?

After spending a few more hours researching the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins in personal care products and cosmetics can have on our bodies, I was overwhelmed.

I went and opened my bathroom cabinet and stared at the multicolored bottles lined up on my shelf.

Now I have to be honest.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw them all away.

Sure, I understand that the expensive products are causing premature aging, interfering with my endocrine system, messing up my hormones, and increasing my chance of breast cancer.

(Yikes, maybe I really should throw them all away.) But they were expensive, and the bottles are still full. Some of them were gifts!

Wait, can I re-gift them? Is that ethical considering I know how unhealthy they are now?

Could I re-gift them with a little disclaimer tag: use at your own risk, and then include the link to my article on the dangers of the chemicals they contain?

Yeah, I didn’t do that.

So instead I got online and instantly ordered some all natural, 100% organic shampoo and body wash to use on my kids.