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WELCOME TO INTUITIVE EMPATH MASTERY, my signature 8-week one-on-one coaching program tailored specifically for Empaths, address the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being highly sensitive and intuitive.


Are you ready to harness the power of your intuition and embrace your empathic nature? Welcome to Intuitive Empath Mastery, where Heather specializes in guiding empaths like you on a transformative journey of self-discoveryy and intuitive development.


In this comprehensive coaching program, you will work with Heather to dive deep into the world of intuition. You will learn partical techniques to create and fortify your boundaries in your relationships energetically and verbally.

Sign up now to unlock your intuitive potential and embrace your true essence as an empath.




Through our weekly 45-minute Zoom sessions over two months, you'll experience a profound transformation:

Rediscover Your Inner Wisdom: Align with your intuition and unveil your true purpose.


Master Stillness and Alignment: Learn techniques for deep relaxation and inner harmony.


Incorporate Wellness Practices: Learn health and well-being techniques for holistic alignment.


Revitalize Your Energy: Transform fatigue into sustained vitality.


Release Stress and Anxiety: Find grounding amidst life's challenges.


Nurture Your Soul Connection: Foster a deep connection with higher realms and your angels.


Embrace Mystic Abilities: Unlock your inner mystic and connect with the unseen.

There will be an exploration of how to navigate the intricacies of your empathic gifts and turn them into your super powers.

Practical tools: You will gain access to a wealth of practical tools and resouces to enhance your intuitive abilities and navigate life as an empath with confidence and clarity.


Flexibile Program Customized For You:

Week 1: Understanding Empathic Intuition, Grounding, Clearing Negative Energy

Week 2: Strengthening Energetic Protection for Empaths, Daily Energetic Hygiene

Week 3: Cultivating Intuitive Awareness - Tuning Into Subtle Cues

Week 4: Deeping Connection With Angels / Spirit Guides

Week 5: Exploring Energetic Feeling

Week 6: Exploring Energetic Hearing

Week 7: Exploring Energetic Seeing

Week 8: Empath: Creating Your Sacred Energetic Space, Reflection, Integration


About Me.

In addition to coaching, I am a yoga, qigong, and meditation teacher teaching in the studio, in online programs, and on Youtube *Yoga with Heather and Qigong with Heather. I also host retreats in beautiful locations worldwide. I love joyful movement in nature, spending time with my children, family, and friends, and writing books. My top two focuses in my life and in my work are wellness and joy. 

I'm an empath and highly sensitive person myself :) So I know the challenges you are facing in your daily life, but I also know the great wealth your sensitivity and huge heart have to offer the world.


I've know empathic distress and sensitivity overload. I've studied with brilliant teachers to feel integrated, balanced, and open to more joy in all social situations and in life scenarios. Now I share these teachings with others in my coaching so what they may perceieve as a limitation becomes their super power. 

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