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One act of courage can begin to change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

courage caroline Heather Nadine Lenz (1)

Caroline is determined to live her dream of building a profitable branding business, even if it means still living with her Grandma.

But investing all her time into building her business means she’s lost contact with the outside world- except the owners of the local café where she picks up her morning coffee. In exchange for a branding package, Caroline agrees to accept a lifetime of free coffee and pastries from Annie and Dan.

So what if she doesn’t need the extra padding to her hips? Never in a million years did she think helping Annie would lead her to Jolan.

When Jolan invites Caroline to yoga class, she can’t say no. So what if she’s never done yoga in her life? She can figure this out, right?

Jolan is everything Caroline doesn’t think she deserves, but his unexpected insecurities, sweet nature, and warm laugh only make her want to get closer. And when Jolan starts arriving to eat lunch with her and Gran every day, then Caroline can’t help but start to fall for him. Then comes the chance of a lifetime: Jolan invites her to go to New York City with him.

New York City. Perfect guy. A growing business. With everything beginning to go so right, what could go wrong? Caroline is about to find out.


A guide to integrating more health and happiness into your daily lifestyle. 

wellness coach Heather Nadine Lenz .png

Would you like to feel healthier and happier in your daily lifestyle? Ignite Wellness, Open to Joy manifests more health, vitality, and abundance into your day-to-day experience. In these pages, you'll be inspired to:

* Bring more light and love into your life and those around you.

* Release the past as you dive into deep healing.

* Manifest a morning that fuels your body, mind, and soul with more well-being, resilience, and power.

* Infuse wellness into your workday with easy to implement changes to your routine for higher productivity and less stress.

* Elevate your home into a clean, organized oasis you love.

* Get inspired to add more vibrant color, spice, and freshness into what you eat. Simplify your meals to eat more homemade, nourishing meals. 

* Bring more lightness, ease, play, and deep relaxation into your life.

* Create a routine to settle into deep and refreshing sleep each night.

* Feel a sense of awe each day as you open up to moments of bliss in everyday life.

Making small changes to your daily approach to life can yield massive changes in how you feel, look, impact others, and achieve the abundance you desire.

No matter where you are RIGHT NOW, focusing on tiny changes to your daily routine can cause you to feel so much better. When you feel good, you do better- for yourself, for those you love, and for everyone you come in contact with all day long. 


A Ballet Thriller-Novel About Heartbreak, Fighting for your Dreams, and Love. 

confessions of a neighbor Heather Nadine

What if you lost everyone in your family?

Ella's dream of becoming a ballerina is fractured with the death of her grandmother, the last in her family. At only 16 years old she is alone, trying to forge her way as a ballet dancer, studying and training hard while working in a restaurant to make ends meet.

Dejected and alienated, she fails one ballet audition after another. It is then that she meets the handsome neighbor she has been watching from across the street. Be prepared for not-quite-what-they-seem lives, betrayals, and manipulation. This inspirational thriller ballet book is full of twists and turns and gripping to the last page.

This novel is full of twists and turns, and the feeling of menace steadily grows. Ella has no idea that the seemingly innocent practice of spying on her neighbor will put her in grave danger.


How do you surrender to faith in the face of a stage four cancer diagnosis?

if i should fall Heather Nadine Lenz.png

What do you want to accomplish in the short time before the end? How do you believe in God's plan when it is taking you away from your small children? Can you forgive those who have hurt you deeply before it is too late?

Charlotte wrestles with these questions after her diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer weeks before Christmas.
If I Should Fall is a novel about Charlotte's struggle with faith, Christian living, and her race against the clock to accomplish her final list.

The only problem is someone is standing in her way.

If I Should Fall is a tragic and inspirational Christian novel set at Christmas in the charming small town of McCall, Idaho.
The Christmas season can be an especially difficult time to slow down and relish what's most important. Curl up this holiday with a novel that will remind you to give your energy and attention to your loved ones and your life list. Relish the holiday season and prepare to celebrate a Christmas of meaning.


What if you woke up one morning and your children and husband had vanished?

Beneath the Surface Heather Nadine Lenz.

Natalia doesn’t remember marrying the man standing in her bedroom, the children calling her mom or the business she created.

Her husband, best friend, neighbor, and even her parents insist that the children and husband she believes to be hers never existed.

Who owns the truth?

Is everyone lying to her? To what shifting reality has she awoken? Where are her children? And why can’t she remember the past few months of her life? 

The high concept plot of this psychological mystery keeps you riveted from the very beginning. Beneath the Surface keeps you in suspense, turning the pages to discover the truth. Beneath the Surface pulls at your heart and challenges your soul. It takes you into the world of delusion and reality, and keep you wondering which one is the truth. Lenz keeps the reader mystified up to the climatic end.

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