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In this angel connection session, we will look at:

1. Where you are now.

2. What you yearn for.

3. What is standing in the way.

4. Actions you can take next if you so choose to move forward in soul alignment towards what is calling to you.

5. What is flowing toward you.


It is my honor to help and be a channel during this 55-minute session.

 A written channeled angelic guidance guide will be created just for you and sent after the session for reference.

1 Session of 45 Minutes $44

How does angelic 
channeling work?

Angelic channeling in a live session is a spiritual practice where an individual, known as a channeler or medium, connects with angelic beings to receive guidance, insights, and messages. Here's a brief explanation of how this process typically works:


1. Preparation: The channeler begins by creating a calm and sacred space for the session. This may involve meditation, setting intentions, and clearing their mind of distractions.


2. Invocation: The channeler invokes the presence of angelic beings, often through prayer, meditation, or a specific ritual. This serves as an open invitation for these benevolent entities to communicate.


3. Trance or Altered State: The channeler enters a deep state of meditation or trance, allowing their consciousness to shift. In this altered state, they become a conduit or vessel for angelic energies to flow through.


4. Communication: During the session, the channeler may perceive angelic beings through inner visions, hear their messages, or experience physical sensations. The information received can take various forms, including words, images, feelings, or intuitive insights.


5. Relay Messages: The channeler conveys the messages and guidance they receive to the client or participants in the session. These messages often provide spiritual guidance, support, healing, or answers to specific questions.


6. Q&A and Interaction: Depending on the format of the session, participants may have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification from the angelic beings through the channeler.


7. Closing and Gratitude: After the session, the channeler closes the connection with the angelic realm, expressing gratitude for the guidance received. It's important to ground themselves and return to a normal state of consciousness.


8. Integration: Clients and participants are encouraged to reflect on the messages received and integrate them into their lives for personal growth and spiritual development.


Angel channeling is believed to offer profound insights, comfort, and healing to those seeking guidance from higher spiritual entities. It's essential to approach these sessions with an open heart and trust your own intuition, soul connection, spiritual power above all else.

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