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YOGA: 30 Day Serenity Challenge, 30 Short Yoga Flow Workouts

  • 30Days



Get ready to do daily 10 minute yoga classes with 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher Heather Lenz! Develop your daily yoga practice, improve your flexibility, strength, calm, well-being, stress-resilience, and health in just minutes a day. The 30 Day Yoga Challenge combines stretching, strengthening, flow, mindfulness, breath, and energy into one short practice to do daily. The 30-Day Yoga Challenge is the easiest way to ease into a daily morning yoga practice to improve your health, wellness, and vitality. OPEN TO MORE JOY :) This simple series of 30 short daily routines with Heather Lenz is designed to boost your energy, increase your flexibility and strength, and release stress as quickly as possible. Anyone can find a few minutes each day to practice yoga, and that’s long enough to shift you out of stress and into more serenity and well-being. After just 30 days of getting onto your yoga mat, you’ll be beginning to build a healthy habit that will lift open you to more joy, health, and vibrancy. You will begin to feel the difference in your body and your well-being in just five days. You’ll feel better after even the first session, and as you continue to do yoga each day for a few minutes you will elevate your mind, body, and soul. Once you start getting doing yoga for just ten minutes daily, you’ll find that not only your health but your mindset and emotions will improve and uplift. *This 30 Day Yoga Program is Private on my Youtube Channel and only available as a paid program. If you are unable to afford the program, you can email me and I will gift you the course :)

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