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Awakening Your Inner Light: A Guide to Empowerment and Energy Transformation

Unlocking Inner Power: Your Weekly Energy Forecast and Angelic Guidance

Integration. Sometimes it can feel as if the energy is pulling you down, and when this occurs, it is an invitation to integrate your scattered focus and energy inward so that you can elevate. Dispersing your energy outward can cause your vibration to lower.

Shifting Focus from Desires to Purposeful Action

It could be that your attention to going outward to what you desire to manifest and you are either impatient for it arrive, feel too dejected to gift your energy into purposeful action, or are struggling with faith that it will ever come true. In such a scenario you are shifting your attention from outside of your vertical light streams, out of your soul essence, and into the past, future, or outward reflections of reality.

The Power of Presence

Placing your awareness outside of you will lower your vibration every time. Repeatedly looking at your empty hands will not materialize that which you desire. It is the purposeful action with faith and calm integration into the present moment that will provide a tangible feeling, a tingling in your fingers, on your palms. You can’t see it, but you don’t need to look down, because you feel it materializing between your hands.

Connecting with Divine Grace

Allow the magnetic attention of your faith come into this breath. Now. Pull all your attention and awareness off of the outer world. Come home to you. Come home to your soul essence and into your central column of light radiating vertically down into the earth and straight out the crown of your head into the cosmos.

Embracing the Divine Connection

You can anchor into the earth.

You can connect into the divine.

The Click of Connection

When you take your awareness all the way up from the top of your head, higher and higher, at some point you can feel a click, like a lego snapping into place, a seat belt buckle clicking closed, a zipper pulled up, up, up, sliding all the way closed.

Recognizing Divine Connection

How will you know if you’ve connected into the Divine? You can know you’ve ‘clicked’ into place when a rush of grace flows down through you spine, and along the front of your spine, straight through your torso. You may let out a sigh, feel a rush of relief, or feel your body settling or calming. The sensations can be slight or small at first, so resist the urge to dismiss or deny. Simply keep up a persistent searching.

Again and again root into the earth and feel the energy flow straight up through you and out into the cosmos. Set your intention to connect into the divine. Send up a prayer to feel a rush of grace flow back down from the divine straight through you, like a wave, a whisper, a wish.

The Ego's Fearful Tactics

The ego’s number one tactic to retrain control of your brain, body, emotions, and energy is to use fear. The fear can be quivering or an undercurrent of mild agitation. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough.

Trapped in the Past

The ego uses fear to whisper a subconscious soundtrack that can keep your awareness scattered into the past, into the future, and spinning out with your awareness. It can keep you worrying about your children, your partner, your relationships, or about the well-being of your friends, country, the planet.

Breaking Free from Trauma's Grip

The ego uses fear to whisper a subconscious soundtrack to whisper about the horrible things that have happened to you, fixating on them, insisting that if you keep cycling the memories, even if it is unconsciously, you will be safeguarded.

The Illusion of Safety

The ego insists that if you stay stuck with your awareness in the past, keep the energy blockages, the physical manifestation of these blockages, and you can be safe. You’re a victim. Victim. Victim. It can happen again if you don’t stand guard, if you don’t remember. So remember. Remember. Hold tight.

The Endless Pursuit of More

The ego uses fear to whisper a subconscious soundtrack that can keep your awareness working harder, harder, harder, and it’s not enough.

There is always another rung to reach for, promotion to attain, level of success to reach out for, self work to be done. It is a constant, urgent, frantic current of - be better. Be better. Be better. Do more. Be more. Can’t stop. Not enough. Keep going.

The Allure of Shiny Distractions

The ego uses fear to whisper a subconscious soundtrack that can keep your awareness scattered onto all the things you could experience, all the objects you want to own, all the people you want to be in connection with, for whatever purpose the ego wants. All the bright and shinny somethings, someones, could haves. They are calling, calling, calling to you.

Fear of Love's Ebb and Flow

The ego uses fear to whisper a subconscious soundtrack that makes you worried that you can be cut off from love. You have love, but will loose it, You don’t have love, and will never find it. You are in love, but you’re not enough. You are in love, but they aren’t enough.

You are lacking. Others are lacking. The ego whispers that you aren’t lovable and that you won’t get enough love. Not enough, not enough, not enough love. You don’t belong, or you could get kicked out. You may end up all alone, or you can’t survive without them.

Reclaiming Your Power

Once again, the ego’s number one tactic to retrain control of your brain, body, emotions, and energy is to use fear. It all loops back to a fear of survival, of not enough, or a loss of love.

Choosing Love, Courage, and Truth: The Journey to Inner Transformation

You are stronger than you know.

You can pry the fingers of the ego off your brain. You can unclench the ego’s fingers from the iron fist clenching your heart. Your ego has been trying to keep your heart safe by keeping it scared. It’s time for the sacred heart to blossom. It’s time to take your brain, heart, energy, and physiology back.

It’s time for the soul to lead.

Embracing Empowerment and Grace

May I give of my creativity without attachment.

May I give kindness without weakness.

May I give love without condition.

May I gift from my

Soul essence.

May I feel protected and guided.

May I feel connected and radiant.

May I feel lovable and loved.

May I feel worthy


And full of sweet grace.

Please gift me the strength to love with tenderness.

To live with courage and


To radiate gratitude, light, and a deep stillness

That transcends this worldly world of constant change.

May I come home to me,

Connect into the flow of the divine,

and show up here, now.

May I be fully present and integrated here, now.

Transforming Fear into Courage

It isn’t easy to take your attention off of the future and out of the past. It is the work of meditation to pull your brain out of the grasp of your ego and into the center of your sacred heart. Notice that you can switch scared into sacred with a small shift in the letters.

To move from sacred to a sacred state you must make a decision to be courageous.

I choose joy over fear.

I choose strength over fear.

I choose love over fear.

It's a process, a dance, a pulse.

Again and again come back to the breath.

Make your choice.

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