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How Do You Expand Out of Fear & Scarcity?

I invite you to try this short Qigong Flow to expand out of fear and scarcity.

Authenticity is on the lips of many humans. But what is it that they mean? It is quite often that humans fool themselves into believing they are being authentic when, in actuality, they are being subconsciously controlled by the influences that would have them live, work, behave, desire, and interact in a particular way. The authentic way of interacting is not that which would resonate on a soul essence level for the majority of humans.

Authenticity, true authenticity, is an opening and expansion in the heart space, in the sacral chakra, in the third eye. The solar plexus softens and the back of the heart opens to receive more. There is both a surrendering and a creative spark that ignites and pitches you head over heels into somersaults of creativity, play, and radiance.

When the heart space is open there is an interaction with yourself and with others from a place of: I am okay. You are okay. Everything is going to be okay. This is a place where fear loses its grip. Even in instances where fear is warranted, there is the certainty that fear will not have the final say, it isn’t a truth, but rather information given to solidify your center and keep you and others in safety. When the heart is open there is the unconscious inner knowing that you are enough.

Let us repeat that, for it is often said these days but not brought into vibrating resonance within the majority of you. You are enough and you are okay.

You are lovable.

You are worthy.

You are valuable.

We all need you.

We invite you to close your eyes and repeat these phrases a few times internally. How do they resonate? What reactions do you have in your body? Emotional landscape? Thoughts? Energy field?

Perhaps you believe yourself to be confident and in a deep loving relationship with yourself and that these statements are not necessary. You may believe you do not have work to do in this area beau case you enjoy your own company and believe in your goodness and all you have to give. Still, dive deep into your subconscious with the statements. It can be that your conscious mind is rational about your lovability, worthiness of abundance in all areas of your life, and value. However, your subconscious brain could be undermining you.

So if the thoughts are not conscious, how can you unbury your unconscious programming?

You can become a master in observation. Shift the channels multiple times per day between an awareness of your physical body, emotions, thoughts, and energy field. Where is energy getting stuck?

Stuck energy appears in the physical body as areas of tension, discomfort, strain, tightness, or pain. Which emotions are getting stuck within you instead of flowing through? Which emotions do you get ‘caught’ up in instead of being able to let them flow through like clear water in a waterfall? Which thoughts get stuck, circling around and around, or returning to you over and over again for rumination? What is getting stuck in your energy field?

The energy field can be more difficult for most humans to feel into and discern where there is pure, pulsing, shimmering, flowing light energy and where there is a place of stickiness, stuck energy, or a blockage.

Extend your awareness into your biofield, the auric field at arm's length all around you. How are you holding your energy field? Is it pulled in tight next to your physical body? Is it arm's length? Expanded out wider? Does the energy in this field feel flowing, spiraling, and swirly? Or are there any points that feel tight, contracted, or hooked into?

The physical body, emotional landscape, thoughts, and auric energy field. Switch the ‘channel’ between these layers of your being a few times a day. Check in and feel. Observe what is present without judgment.

You will begin to get an idea as you do this exercise of what is happening on a subconscious level. You will begin to see how you choose fear, contraction, and a sense of being not enough. Watch yourself as you interact with yourself, other people, animals, the nature kingdom, and the divine. When and with whom do you experience an expansion, softening, or opening? What activities elicit a soft fluid expansion of your heart center?

For when you expand the heart center you take your focus off of you and out to others, the earth, the universe. The questions become: What can I give? How can I hold steady within my central core of strength, light, love, and peace?

The questions do not come from a place of less than, should do, must have, need to accommodate, must please, want to earn, have to satisfy, above or below in worth. There is simply you, at eye level with every sentiment being in the world and a sense of what is. You are.

You are centered in your light. And you feel a natural urge to give from overflow. The giving is its own reward. It doesn’t matter if the gift is taken or declined. There is equanimity either way.

And THIS, this is how the universe, how the divine works with the giving to you of your desires. There is an abundance of love, appreciation, joy, radiant well-being, pleasure, fun, play, laughter, deep relaxation, inner knowing, wisdom, creativity, and more that the universe is happy to provide.

However, you need to open your capacity to receive. You are likely putting up barriers to receiving the abundance the universe would like to gift you. Likewise, you are most likely putting up blocks to keep yourself small and not giving all that you have out into the world. You hide your gifts, your goodness, your expansive creativity, kindness, and love. Why?

Fear. A sense of not being enough. There is a fear of failure, rejection, not belonging, being cast out. Fear of not being able to meet your physical needs or of no longer being safe.

The universe will reward you if you free fall into the expansive generosity of love, creativity, and wisdom.

Yes, you may crash and hurt, more than one time. Keep opening, creating, giving, expanding. The universe will catch you up in its swirls and spirals of grace at some point.

Keep your faith strong that it is only a matter of time.

There will be those who distrust your generosity of spirit and that’s okay. They have been hardened that people are always working an angle. Be the one who doesn’t.

There will be those who take, take, take, until you would be sucked dry. Keep your gaze steady and at eye level. Do not disempower their abundance by ever giving from anything other than your overflow. Empower them in affirming their true nature, which is more than enough, full, powerful, and abundant.

There will be those who are jealous of your radiant expansion. Sparkle and expand anyway, but hold strong energetic boundaries that are impervious to any type of attack. Ask your guides or angels to encircle and envelop you in light.

There will be those who adore and idolize you. Keep your humility, remain at eye level, and refuse to be put on a pedestal. Do not allow yourself to be pulled out of the central core of your light essence into the illusion of adoration; stay centered and expansive.

There will be those who may seek to profit from your expansion. By all means, play, but retain awareness that your life is but a bright spark of flame in the darkness. Do not clutch or hold onto your love, just as you do not clutch or hold onto your creations, your work, or your wisdom. Simply be in the dance of all of it flowing through you and from you out into the world.

Here we come to the opening of the sacral chakra. Allow yourself to know that there is endless creativity that would spiral and swirl within you and radiate out through you into this world. You only need to do the work of showing up, again and again, and allow yourself to be the vehicle of creative grace. Be diligent and disciplined in opening windows of time for creativity.

Let yourself expand open in this center and be the conduit for the creativity that wants to move through you.

You may not think you are creative, but you are. Every breath, movement, thought, emotion energy oscillation, expression, interaction, and material manifestation is creativity. It is the way you walk, talk, smile. It is how you cook, play, laugh, hug, walk, listen, talk, work, and live. YOu can turn your life and living into a work of art by filling it with your light essence, your expansiveness, and by being a conduit of grace.

What if your subconscious and conscious beliefs were the following?

I am neither above nor below anyone.

I am okay. You are okay. We are going to be okay.

I am lovable. I am worthy. I am a conduit of grace.

I am open to more abundance in all areas of my life.

I have creativity spiraling within me wanting to flow out.

I am giving from overflow. I am giving in a state of expansive grace.

It is possible. The choice is yours.

Become the master observer of the layers of your being. Discover and root out the stuck places, the blocks, the hidden contraction. Melt these places with the light of your awareness.

Repeat the affirmations above daily out loud or write them down.

Ask for help from a higher place, from your angels, the divine.

Make your life into the art of your light essence.

Wishing you radiant health, well-being, and joy, Heather & The Illuminated Angelics

Open to more joy in this hatha yoga flow for happiness :)

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