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Navigating Chaotic Times: Angel Messages and Techniques to Thrive Amidst Turbulent Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast Angel Messages

Energy Forecast & Angel Activation Messages

for the Week of August 14-21, 2023

The Energy Forecast

The energy forecast for this week appears to be frantic, airy, and tumultuous.

Yes, the energy forecast calls for some challenging weather this week. Please remember that the energy forecast & angel messages are meant to empower you, not intimidate or cause any nervousness. Just like looking at the weather forecast, you can use the energy forecast to better equip yourself with the right tools and mindset so you aren't drenched by the "storm" of energy.

Grounding, Nurturing, Being.

You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the experience of timelessness for a few minutes each day, during which you simply do nothing. We recommend setting a timer for a specific duration, grabbing your favorite beverage, and either sitting directly on the floor or going outside into nature to ground yourself during this calming process.

No need for planning, visualizing, or even meditating during this time. Let this period in your day be a space to simply exist.

Envision yourself as a flower unfurling and ease into whatever emerges during this interval of non-doing and pure being.

If you find your mind filled with anxiety-inducing, stress-triggering, or fearful thoughts during your moments of being, consider engaging in some breath work.

Here are three different breath work techniques for you to try and determine what works best for you:

1: Inhale through the nose for a count of four, exhale through the nose for a count of four, remain empty for a count of four.

2: Inhale through the nose for a count of four, exhale through the mouth as slowly as possible for a count of eight.

3: Inhale through the nose for a count of four and exhale through the nose for a count of four. If comfortable, increase inhalation and exhalation to a count of five. Maintain this pattern or work your way up to counts of six, seven, or eight.

Given the swirling and airy energy enveloping the planet, it's also advisable to incorporate three forward folds into your day, perhaps before each meal. From a standing position, slightly bend your knees, lower your chest toward your legs, clasp opposite elbows, and allow your head to hang freely. Stay in this pose for five slow breaths: inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts. In the evening, consider lying on the floor with your legs against the wall for five minutes.

With energy emanating from beyond the planet Saturn potentially triggering feelings of inadequacy, exercise mindfulness and treat yourself and others with additional understanding and care. Pay close attention to your reactions when confronted with such feelings.

Do you find yourself rushing to prove your worth through accomplishments? Pushing past exhaustion and avoiding rest unless work is done? Withdrawing from the world? Shying away from risks or hard work due to doubt? Becoming critical or irritable when inadequacy surfaces? Something else?

What is your typical response to feelings of inadequacy?

We pose this question not for self-criticism, but for clarity. Once you understand, you can catch yourself in knee-jerk reactions and replace them with empowering alternatives.

My typical response to feelings of inadequacy used to be:

My NEW empowered response to feelings of inadequacy NOW IS:

Examples: Meditation, prayer, doing a page of gratitude journaling, writing out a page of affirmations, taking meaningful action instead of procrastinating, saying YES to the new job, going for a walk, doing a yoga session, doing a qigong session, cleaning my home from top to bottom, feeling the fear and taking action toward my dreams anyway, right now, choosing love over fear and making the call, giving the hug, sending the gift, going out to make new friends.

For Your Weekend: Embrace Simplicity

For Your Weekend: Less is MORE

Given the tumultuous energy this week, consider slowing down over the weekend and aiming to accomplish less. Purposefully set aside four two-hour blocks of time where you have no plans and nowhere to go.

Disconnect from electronic devices. Be like a child again and allow yourself to get bored, if need be, and allow your body’s natural intentions to propel you into homemaking, projects, art, sport recreation, sitting in the grass, or playing. Get curious, stay open, and welcome spontaneous ideas arising from inner stillness. Napping is a beneficial option, especially if you're feeling fatigued.

Allow spontaneous ideas and movement to arise out of an inner stillness. One of the best things you can do is allow yourself to take a long nap.

Note that excitement can feel similar to nervousness or anxiety and the body can have a hard time telling the difference this week. Go for soft and gentle this week. Favor gentleness over intense emotions.

This isn't the time for new projects, major decisions, or significant purchases unless they naturally align with a gentle and positive upswing within you.

In Summary, the Energy Forecast & Angel Messages for this week advise:

  • Bringing more stillness, gentleness, calm, nurturing, and grounding into each day.

  • Seeking clarity in how you have reacted in the past when triggered by feelings of inadequacy and opting to proactively choose uplifting and empowering alternatives.

  • Taking extra caution in making life altering decisions or purchases this week, unless you feel calm and at complete peace with your decision.

As always, we invite you to trust your intuition above all else. Take what resonates with you and release the rest.

Remember: You are your best oracle and guide. Be the mystic. Trust your soul alignment with the divine.

The Luminous Light Angelic Guides & Heather

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