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Seeking Guidance on the Chakra System, Energy Fields, and the Central Column of Light

Let's dive into wisdom and insights from the Angelics regarding the chakra system, the energy systems within the auric field, and the central column of light that aids people in elevating their vibrational frequency.

Understanding the Auric Field and Energy Vortices

Let us explore the auric field and its energy vortices as information hubs that highlight aspects in need of healing and processing from past lifetimes. These hold information that acts as filters influencing each individual's perception of themselves, other sentient beings, life, and the Earth.

Unique Energy Filtering Systems

Each individual possesses a unique energy filtering system. Consequently, the chakra system serves as a fundamental tool for assessing and accessing various layers of one's human existence. Most individuals navigate life primarily within the confines of their mental landscape, unless they use pleasurable experiences to momentarily shift their focus away from their minds and into the realm of pure physical sensations.

Unmasking the Emotional Landscape

In the emotional landscape, the mind becomes still, allowing individuals to experience emotions without judgment, fear, or the need to rationalize them. Emotions are accepted as they flow through without being labeled as 'good' or 'bad.'

The Ethereal Auric Layer: An Interconnected Matrix

In the ethereal auric layer, the physical dissolves into an energetic matrix where everything is interconnected, interwoven in a state of grace and reciprocity. You might be tempted to analyze this state with your mind, but we encourage you to let an energetic aspect of yourself enter a state of pure 'knowing' and become aware of the intricate connections between you and all that is, was, and will be.

The Central Column of Light: Bridging Earth and the Divine

Now that your being has expanded into the boundless, let us focus on the central column of light that runs from deep within the Earth, through your perineum, flows up through your torso, exits through the crown of your head, and extends upward toward the divine.

Transcending Linear Time

Time on Earth is perceived as linear. However, you can access 'timelessness' by directing your attention, energy, creativity, and reference points into your central column of light. This column serves as your anchor, aligning you with your soul essence and connecting you to the divine.

The Divine: Timeless and Ever-Changing

The Divine encompasses both the timeless and the ever-changing. Within your column of light, you can connect with the timeless aspect of the Divine, experiencing nurturing grace. Expanding from your sacred heart space, you can gain awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings and things in an endless, swirling dance of perpetual change.

Perpetual Change and Time on Earth

This change may occur incrementally, often too gradual to observe with the physical eye, such as a baby's growth in ten minutes. Even the steady flow of time on Earth has moments of lag and leaps, swirls, and sudden surges.

Accessing the Timeless

By immersing yourself in your central column of light, you can transcend the constraints of time and access the timeless. In this space, it becomes easier to perceive the multidimensional layers of your being, including the 'chakra' system in new and enlightening ways, as well as the various layers of your existence.

Exploring Multidimensional Layers

Think of it as changing channels to explore different layers: your ethereal, supernatural, emotional, mental, and physical being, the pulse of the Earth's energy coursing through your veins, and the divine grace enveloping you in waves of illumination.

The Chakra System as Filters

The chakra system serves as filters, either intentionally created within your central energy vortices or formed out of fear, anger, or other emotions. Our intention is not to instill fear or unease but to empower you to shift your focus into your central column of light, unveiling your true radiance and gaining clarity about the contents of each energy center.

Understanding Chakras and Transformation

What resides within them? Did you intentionally place it there, or did external influences insert it into your energy vortex? Once you gain clarity on the crystalline structures within a specific chakra, you can align with your soul essence, your angelic team, and the divine, setting intentions for transformation.

Shifting and Transforming Crystalline Structures

Consider what you wish to release or transform within each energy center. Crystalline structures may vary in weight, density, or luminosity. Sometimes, setting the intention to shift the energy within a vortex suffices, while other times, you may need to engage in spiritual work to understand the lesson that will facilitate the transformation.

The Imperative of Learning and Growth

Remember, there are no shortcuts in the game of life. While you can postpone certain lessons, you must ultimately confront and learn from them. You came to Earth to grow and evolve in specific ways, and it is through this transformation that certain structures within your chakras can be realigned in profound new ways.

Universal Lessons: Overcoming Fear, Gaining Empowerment, and Interconnectedness

In general, these lessons often revolve around conquering fear, gaining empowerment, and recognizing your interconnectedness with all beings and existence throughout time and space. Understanding the central column of light, your energy vortices, your multidimensional being, and your auric field requires transcending the limitations of the mind.

Documenting Energetic Insights

With this in mind, it is essential to document the energetic insights gained during meditation. Reflect on what each energy vortex holds for you to learn and consider the steps needed to shift the crystalline structures within it.

Exploring the Multifaceted Auric Field

Imagine a radiant volume of light surrounding your head and extending outward from your being in an arc. This arc emits flashes of different colors, each representing a distinct aspect of your being. Instead of layers neatly stacked like a rainbow, picture these lights shifting from one color to the next without the constraints of time, all present and absent simultaneously within your auric field. This concept may be challenging to grasp with the human mind.

Beyond the Mind: Multidimensional Exploration

It's time to transcend the mind. Feel into each color flash of light within your arc of light:

  • Physical.

  • Emotional.

  • Mental.

  • Energetic grids of light.

  • Ethereal.

  • Earth star.

  • Astral.

  • Timelessness.

  • Spiraling.

Engage all your senses as you explore different layers of yourself, for you are indeed a multidimensional being.

Journeying Through the Chakras

Then, one by one, explore your chakras:

  • Earth star, below your feet.

  • Root chakra.

  • Sacral chakra.

  • Solar plexus chakra.

  • Heart chakra.

  • Sacred heart chakra.

  • Throat chakra.

  • Third eye chakra.

  • Crown chakra.

  • Astral chakra.

  • Light source chakra.

Continually delve deeper into your multidimensional self, seeking understanding and growth. Each day you meditate you gain new wisdom, clarity, and the ability to expand and elevate.

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