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Unlocking Inner Strength: Overcoming Subconscious Blockages for Personal Growth

Energy Forecast & Angel Activation Messages for the Week of August 30 - September 6

Leverage Spiraling Energy: Uncover Subconscious Patterns for Growth & Expansion

The energy for this week is one of spiraling energy. The energy is not linear, which will give you the opportunity to heal deep-rooted, subconscious blockages, false beliefs, and contracting experiences.

There is an opportunity this week for the energy you put into deep self-reflection and healing to propel you into a massive growth jump. Put in the work this week, and you will be able to elevate to higher frequencies and maintain a new internal source of serenity and calm.

Embracing True Strength

Strength is often a false and willpower-induced persona in many humans. True strength comes from a wellspring of tenderness and unshakable centering.

Internal Reference Points: The Key to Balance

The reference points come from within you, instead of referencing external circumstances, people, places, or things as a source of navigation. Thus centered, one comes into true balance, and from this unshakable balance, there is a melting open into being carried up higher on lifting streams of frequency, light, sacred aromas, geometric shapes, sounds, and physical sensations.

Uncovering Blockages: The Path to Empowerment

One is not able to access the internal strength without surfacing repressed pain, beliefs, and perspectives that are fractured or inaccurate, and moments in time that were encased so as not to be felt too deeply, and therefore became blockages.

The Natural Resistance to Unearthing Pain

It is natural that one does not want to open up blockages that were set in place as a form of pain protection. It is understandable that one does not want to go looking for subconscious programming that is buried deep enough that you think it is not a problem.

Confronting Unconscious Beliefs

Your unconscious contraction-inducing beliefs and perspectives are a problem. They are hurting you in ways you, on the surface of living life, may not be able to recognize or fathom.

Inviting Tenderness and Self-Discovery

We invite you to take a deep breath and blow it out slowly. Reading the list above can be enough to cause your vibration to lower down in resonance. We encourage you to invite in feelings of tenderness, like the most comforting hug, cozy moment, or freeing experience you can imagine. Soothe yourself in this tenderness.

Unearthing Subconscious Programming: A Journaling Journey

Imagine there is a child essence within you and gather this child essence into the tenderness with you. Please keep this tenderness as you review the above list once again and circle three that come up the most frequently in your life or cause you the most suffering.

Beneath Emotions: Subconscious Beliefs Unveiled

Beneath these emotional experiences are subconscious beliefs, patterns of perception, or perspectives that were wired into your brain and body. Because you have no awareness of these beliefs, patterns of perception, or perspectives in your subconscious, they cause havoc in your life and can keep you from being the person you want to be and living the life you most desire.

Subconscious Programming and Intentions

Subconscious programming is at cause when you set the best intentions but can’t seem to follow through, at least not for long before relapsing. For example, perhaps you set the intention to not be so controlling of your partner, children, family members, or friends. You would like to be more open, relaxed, and trusting. Yet, despite your best intentions, you find yourself openly being bossy, controlling, or authoritative, or you manipulate.

Overcoming Roadblocks and Manifesting Desires

Not being able to live your best intentions to stop being so controlling causes you to experience negative emotions and reproach, which sends you into a downward spiral.

Manifestation and Subconscious Programming

Another example could be that you would like to feel good in your body, healthy, and filled with more energy, so you set the intention to wake up early before work and move your body for thirty minutes every day. When the alarm goes off in the morning, you hit the snooze button enough times that you can no longer do your body movement practice. If you do manage to get up on time, then you allow chores, helping other family members, or going quickly online to monopolize the time you intended to set aside for body movement.

Tackling Subconscious Programming: The Healing Process

The subconscious programming is placing huge roadblocks to your best intentions; these subconscious beliefs can keep you from being who you really want to be and living your most desired life. But how can you uproot this programming from your subconscious if you are not aware of what it is?

Inner Child and Unearthing Programming

The child essence within you does not want to feel these painful emotions, and therefore will struggle vehemently to keep your eyes focused in any other direction. Free flow journaling without stopping is a powerful way to dive deep into the subconscious and unearth beliefs, patterns of perception, or perspectives that were wired into your brain and body that are causing problems for you now in your life.

The Path to Uprooting Subconscious Patterns

  1. You are now invited to take the three sentences that you circled from the list above.

  2. Write one of the three sentences at the top of a piece of paper or document.

  3. Write, “The subconscious beliefs, patterns of perception, or perspectives beneath these emotions and behavioral reactions are…”

  4. Set a timer for ten minutes and write on a laptop or with a pen and paper without stopping and without worrying about grammar, logic, or it making sense. Simply write without stopping. If at first you can only write “I don’t know what to write,” then write that over and over again until something else surfaces.

  5. Go back through what you have written, hold your child essence with tenderness, allow yourself to feel the challenging emotions fully.

  6. Set a timer for ten minutes and write a letter to the child essence within you, assuring this essence that you are an adult now, you can take charge and care for yourself, you are valuable, lovable, or whatever else your child essence needs to hear.

  7. Do a calming activity for ten to twenty minutes such as going for a walk, taking a bath or shower, cuddling with a pet, doing some yoga, taking a nap, or meditating.

  8. Set the intention to look beneath surface behavior that causes you suffering to dig out this specific subconscious programming.

  9. Write down a list of soothing or empowering activities you will turn to when triggered by this subconscious programming in the future so you can react differently the next time.

  10. Gift yourself enough time before you repeat this process with your other two items off the above list. Only work on digging out and working with one subconscious programming at a time; otherwise, it will be not only overwhelming but not as effective.

Embracing Growth and Manifesting Desires

Quite often, when you want to manifest a way of being, an experience, or something in your life but can’t, then it could be that you need to:

  • Have a clearer vision, combining feeling the positive emotions and gratitude of what you desire being true.

  • Need more patience.

  • Need to release control of it appearing exactly as you envision so something even better can come true.

  • OR, it could be your subconscious programming is getting in the way.

Conclusion: Blossoming into Your Desired Life

So it really is critical that you review and work on uprooting all of your subconscious programming that is causing blockages to how you want to be and the life you really want to live. You deserve to be so excited and in full gratitude for the life you are living. Growth is a necessary component to being in love with your life.

As you grow, you enable yourself to continue to get lighter and yet more grounded to the earth. You open up fresh new perspectives, possibilities, and allow in new and higher frequency light streams.

Even now, your subconscious might try to distract you from doing this potent work. Be brave. Be conscious. Do those activities now, or set a date and time to do them soon.

Final Words of Encouragement

It is more than worth the challenging work involved in digging out the weeds, the viruses in your programming, so that you can plant the seeds that will create the garden of your dreams. You deserve a life fragrant with the aroma of plants and flowers that set your heart aglow.

Blessings and Gratitude

Wishing for all your dreams to come true that are in your highest good and the highest good of all. May it be so. In love and light streams, The Luminous Angelic Guides & Heather

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