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Are you the toxic person in your relationships?

Maybe the other person is NOT the problem. You could be the toxic person in the relationship. You may be a kind, wonderful person 99.9% of the time.

Your toxic behavior may only ignite under certain conditions or around particular people. Is this true? Who are what brings out the worst in you?

Analyze the list with an honest heart.

Putting Others Down Makes You Feel Good

You Can’t Admit When You’re Wrong

You’re Super Mad 24/7

You Aren’t Happy For The People You Love

You’re Too Selfish

You Think Only Your Opinion Matters

You Love Holding Grudges

You Live For Approval

You Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

You Forget To Appreciate Things

You Compare Yourself

You can’t concentrate on the path you’re on because you’re too busy evaluating every step you take against a standard set by somebody else

You Let Fear Stop You

You Forget Your Long-Term Goals

You blame everyone else for your problems

You talk behind people’s backs

You Take More Than You Give

Your Life is Constantly Filled With Drama

You Can’t Let GO

You Focus on the Negative

You Dominate the Conversation. Always

Even the most loveable of us can be toxic sometimes, so don’t despair if you checked off multiple of the above toxic behaviors. Awareness is the first step to change 🙂