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What Do Most Men Want More Than Sex?

What Do Men Want Almost More Than Sex?

Freedom AND a Safe Harbor

Most men feel a need to be in their own energy, either alone, or with friends.

At the same time, they do want a habor to return home to. As they stand out there at sea, waiting for the harbor to come into view, they are eagerly anticipating what it will feel like to be welcomed home and get out of the wind and rain.

Most men aren't that different from women; they desire unconditional love, someone to see them man without the masks.

Most men want someone who says, “I’ve missed you,” and means what they say.

Sure, he may be pulling her in for an embrace, his chin nestled on her shoulder, smelling her(his) hair. The moment those arms wrap up around him, his shoulders relax, his breathing slows. He lets out an internal sigh of relief.

Home can be in someone's arms.

After the time out in the world at sea, it’s a sweet reward to return to a woman(man) who tells him why she(he) admires him, adores him, loves him, a person who snuggles up with him on the sofa.

As they cuddle, his parasympathetic system kicks in, and he feels the stress melt away.

His breathing slows, his ears relax away from his shoulders. The adrenaline turns off, and the digestion and repair and care team in his body turn on. A revitalizing and renewing process kicks in. She acts as an oasis of calm and restoration.

So why is it so difficult for women(men) to give men what they want even more than sex?

Men want to get back on that boat and sail again out into the world; most know how to 'be in their own energy,' whereas many partners can feel lonely, abandoned, or lost when left.


The divine male energy within you craves freedom just as much as a safe harbor.

They want to sail into harbor and then sail back out to sea again. People withe more of a divine feminine energy can find this difficult to understand or tolerate.

If he’s so in love, then why does he need to leave so often? We didn’t even really talk.

Why is there no rhyme or reason to when, and for how long he ventures out to sea?

He's here, but not really 'here.' Why?

Why is he blissfully happy for days or weeks at home, and at other times less so?

It is often bewildering and hurtful for divine feminine dominant people to have divine male orientate