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Chakra Balancing Meditation Text

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in to the count of 1,2,3,4 , and breath out, 6,5,4,3,2,1. Breathe in 1,2,3,4 and breathe out 6,5,4,3,2,1. Relax deeper into healing relaxation. Breathe in 1,2,3,4, and out 6,5,4,3,2,1.

Visualize a radiant light. See the light start to flow down onto the crown of your head. You can feel the warmth flowing down over your forehead, smoothing and relaxing the muscles of your face, unlocking and releasing your jaw, softening your throat and back of your head.

The radiant light continues down, swirling around your neck and shoulders, warming any knots and releasing all tension. You feel your shoulders relax down your back, away from your ears. Your chest opens as light washes down your chest and the length of each arm to your fingertips.

You feel a light emanating from your heart, dim at first, then increasing its glow as the warm light dissolves all black residue.

Take a deep breath in, breathing in the pure, clean light. Picture the light cleaning you of all worry, all negativity as you breathe in. Breathe out, releasing all that no longer serves you.

Feel the warm glow of the light travel down over your stomach, warming the muscles in your lower back and stomach before it pauses to swirl around your hips. Any negative emotions stored in your lower back and hips start to warm, to loosen and release under the power of the healing warmth of the light.

Take a deep breath in, and exhale out all that no longer serves you.

Feel the warmth of the light massage down your legs, gliding over your feet and toes, building a warm glowing energy on the soles of the feet, which roots you to the earth. You feel grounded and supported. Warmth flows up from the land through your legs, your hips, your stomach, back, chest, forehead, and threw the top of your head before falling around you. Feel the warmth of the light washing over you. Each muscle in your body relaxes.

Visualize warm light flowing up through your feet and legs to the root of your spine, your root chakra. Feel the warmth of the light cleanse the red glowing light at the base of your spine, enabling it to glow brighter than before. Any fear held in your body releases and you feel safe and calm, grounded to the earth.

Next, the warmth of the light moves up to your stomach, to swirl in the orange glow of your second chakra, just below your navel. The cleansing light purifies your orange chakra, enabling it to glow brighter and more transparent than before. You feel emotionally balanced, with the strength to maintain boundaries. You can enjoy pleasure, joy, and connection without fear, shame, or guilt. As the healing energy swirls through your second chakra, you feel a stronger ability to move and flow with your body, emotions, and connection with others while maintaining a robust inner center of serenity and safety.

The pure light travels now up to your solar plexuses, to the yellow chakra just below your ribs. Feel the warmth of the light swirl through your solar plexus, releasing any blocks or dirty energy from your glowing yellow chakra. Remnants of fear, guilt, and shame dissolve and release. You feel the power to grow, transform, and manifest as fear washes away. You draw strength from the red root chakra. It is giving you a steady foundation from which you can draw up the courage to your third chakra. You can brave new challenges now. Feel a healthy, vibrant energy building in the warmth of your solar plexus region. You trust yourself, feel a growing sense of worth and power.

You are connecting with vital energy in your biological core, bringing them to life as the light travels up to the fourth chakra, located at your heart center.

Breathe in, and feel the warm support of the red first chakra, orange second chakra, and third yellow chakra supporting the heart chakra. You can love yourself and others more deeply and with renewed respect your boundaries and needs and those of others.

See the green light brighten as the warmth of the light swirls through the heart chakra. Feel your heartwarming and opening as the energy of the light flows through your heart center. Allow any grief to rise to the surface. Wash yourself with compassionate, loving kindness.

Now the light travels up to your fifth chakra, located in your throat. Feel the warmth of the light fill the blue of your fifth chakra. You may feel tightening or constriction in your throat. Perhaps you haven’t been honest, or able to express yourself with clear intent. Allow the warm light to loosen and dissolve tension. Healing energy warms the throat chakra, allowing it to shine with a brighter blue. You can now speak your truth clearly, listen, and rest. Creativity flows freely from you out into the world.

The light travels up to your sixth chakra, glowing indigo at your third eye between your eyebrows. Feel the warmth of the light swirl through your indigo sixth chakra. Illusions or denial fall away as the indigo brightens and you open to your internal wisdom. You can see things in clarity now, and manifest.

Finally, the light travels up to the crown of your head, to the glowing purple of the seventh chakra. Feel the warmth of the light open you up to energy from the universe. Attachment to the cycles of pain and pleasure recedes, lessens. Feel the connection with your inner wisdom and guidance from a higher power pour into you, filling every inch of you with radiant light.

Imagine the light from your purple crown chakra pouring out over your aura and body, washing down and mixing the grounding energy of mother earth before rising up through your feet.

Breathe in, and feel the light enter your red first chakra, second orange chakra, yellow third chakra, green fourth chakra, blue fifth chakra, indigo sixth chakra, and purple seventh chakra.

Exhale and feel the light pour out over your chakra. Ground each chakra now into your body, each healed, radiant, and balanced.

Repeat after me. I am grounded and strong. I am filled with abundant, ever regenerating energy. I am fluid and relaxed. In stressful situations, I return my focus to my breath and the calm center of my being. I open a conscious space around suffering, treating myself and others with compassion. I am powerful, creative and capable. I can change and evolve. I take small steps every day toward creating the change I want to see, to fulfill a dream, to live a life of purpose. I am pure potential.

I am now fully energized, healed, and balanced. I am ready to return to my life with hope.

I feel confident and grounded. I feel creative. I find myself being more loving towards others and more compassionate toward myself. I have elevated my energy and vibration to a higher level. I have a strong belief in myself, my knowledge, and potential. I am always evolving in wisdom and enlightened awakening.

I wish you love and radiant healing Namaste.