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How To Take Charge of Your Life Like a Badass Boss

  1. Excuses? Hello?

Do you want to take charge of your life like a boss?

Are you ready to say goodbye to excuses?

Sure, there could be valid reasons for why you aren’t living life as your most vibrant and thriving self. You may have a reason to close up shop, close the shutters, and sit down in desperation. You may never want to open up and try again in some area of your life.

Except there’s that part of you that would like to open the door and let in some light. It’s the five percent chance that you could be healthier, happier, living with more purpose and passion, loving deeper, and acing the game of life.

You can change something in your life in an instant. The first step is to believe you are powerful and a positive shift is possible.

Everything that has happened to you, everyone who has hurt you, and all the obstacles in your way can become your excuses. Release excuses for not taking the wheel and directing your body, mind, and emotions where you want them to go.

I know, it sounds great. But if you are feeling victimized, depressed, hurt, weak, and alone, you may not think it’s possible to feel empowered to take charge of your life. What action can you take now to take control?

  1. Elevate Me in One-Minute

Start a one-minute elevate journal.

Write down every night before you go to sleep in your one-minute journal where you have the power to change your life and how. The secret sauce is to keep the change small and prime yourself to act the next day.

For example, you could write down:

I have the power to wake up earlier and do twenty minutes of yoga or meditation before work.

Gain: stronger, more flexible, better physique, lower stress levels, higher well-being and contentment

Pain: (if I don’t take action) stress, anxiety, the risk of chronic illness, burnout, unbalanced, unhappiness

Close your eyes after writing the words and imagine yourself hitting the alarm button, counting to three, and instantly jumping out of bed.

  1. Trick, Prime, and Set Yourself Up for Change

To prime, yourself set out your meditation cushion, yoga outfit, and a bottle of water in the middle of your bedroom or living room before you go to bed. Make it easy in the morning to slip into the new habit.

Next, envision yourself arising in the morning and doing your yoga and meditation right before you drift into slumber.

  1. Reward Me Only If….

Promise yourself you won’t enjoy one of your favorite simple pleasures unless you have done your practice in the morning. Whether this is a cup of steaming tea, an espresso, or checking social media, reward yourself only if you succeed in accomplishing your new habit.

What happens if you smash the snooze button the next morning despite your priming and best intentions?

Own your failure to get up in time. Forgive yourself. Believe that change is possible and your brain and body need more preparation time to ease into your new routine. Then do just two minutes of yoga or two minutes of meditation.

Refrain from enjoying your designated reward.

  1. It’s Not Working.

Repeat the one-minute journal and priming activity each night.

Retry. If you don’t manage to get up again, do three minutes of meditation or yoga.

You may think, what’s the point of three minutes? Taking even three minutes of action today will prime your mind, body, and emotions to make the change in the future. You’re establishing the habit in micro.

Patience with yourself is vital. It took me two weeks to work up to my first-morning yoga practice. There were days where I did one minute of yoga, others where I got up to ten minutes, only fell back the next day to two minutes.

Don’t give up if you don’t manage to change your life in one day. Believe that willpower is a muscle you are growing.

By day fifteen I fell into twenty minutes of yoga, which over the next few months turned into thirty minutes, and then an entire hour.

Continue the nightly journaling and priming for two weeks as you give yourself time to believe in the change and build your willpower muscle.

  1. But If I Fail AGAIN to Make the Change?

  2. Check your unconscious thought patterns.

Your unconscious is powerful. It could be that you believe your thoughts are positive and empowered, yet lurking beneath your consciousness is fear.

You could fear the very change you most desire. Acknowledging the fear, and reassuring your