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Navigating a Dense World with Angelic Insights: Your Path to Higher Consciousness

Energy Forecast & Angel Activation Messages for the Week of October 23

Current Energy Vibration

The energy on the planet is dense and thick this week. As such, this is not the week for stressful new beginnings nor to push yourself with tenacity. The main theme of this week is employing energetic crystalline geometric patterning to oscillate light in new and profound ways within and around you.

Staying Above the Quagmire

For it does not work for your highest good to get stuck in the mire of devastation. If you are a high sensitive individual, as is true for the majority of you reading this, then it can be a challenge to not get stuck in the quagmire of slower energetic frequencies. We are not asking that you turn off you heart.

Keep the floodgates of your love and compassion wide open, by all means. It is advantageous to simply, over and over again, flip worry into prayer. Switch anxiety into sending light. Circle sadness into a potent call for non dual peace.

A Call for Unity

For it is not for your highest goods to take sides, draw lines, and cast some to the left and others to the right. It is best to make wishes for all.

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be at peace.

May all beings be healthy and well.

May all beings be free.

May all beings open to new levels of love and light.

Exploring Love and Light

Love can be a loaded and misunderstood word, as can light. You can taste light, hear it, feel it, swim in it, radiate it, soak it in, flow with it, through it, and play with it. You can combine and divide, multiply and exponentially quantity light.

The Dance of Love

A return to ‘true’ love is the ultimate experience for humans of coming home to a place of complete acceptance, cozy comfort, laughter, connection, and playful give and take. For love is nothing if it isn’t the interplay dance of the original with the all and appealing singular entities in connection with one another.

A Moment of Stillness

Perhaps now is a good time for a deep breath and a slow exhalation out of the mouth.

Energetic Impact of Intentions

Humans do not like to feel helpless, hopeless, or powerless. Events in the world can cause you to feel all three at the same time. Please know that every time you speak the words:

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be at peace.

May all beings be healthy and well.

May all beings be free.

May all beings open to new levels of love and light.

... they have an energetic effect. You are not, so to say, blowing into the wind.

Creating Unity Through Conversation

Each time you are in conversation with another and communicate the perspective that there are no ‘sides’ but only people and suffering, you create an invitation for others to step out of dualistic thinking. You bring focus to alleviation of suffering for all.

Easing and Releasing Dense Energy

Let’s dive into an easing and release out of dense energy for you now.

You cannot but be feeling the heaviness and it can be used as a spring board up and out. For each time you experience an emotion, or even lack of emotions, you can use the experience to flip into the opposite. This can be quite effective as a first step to release out of heavier experiences.

Make a conscious decision to switch out of the negative emotion to its opposite.

Expanding Your Energy Outward

The next step is to bring your focus away from yourself and what you are feeling and out to your connection with others.

Send a prayer, a wish, or light and love out to a specific person, place, or around the planet.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

The third step is to bring your attention inward to your central column of light and go up, out of the crown chakra to ’click’ into your higher self, your soul. Feel your soul radiating straight down through you from above, straight through the top of your head and out the pelvic floor, there perineum and into the center of the earth.

The Power of Neutrality

The more your soul essence fills and expands within your central column of light, the more neutrality you will experience.

The more neutrality you experience, the more potent your prayers, wishes, and actions will become. You will be able to make choices and take action from the level of your higher self instead of in the usual dance of reward seeking or suffering avoidance.

Evolution Beyond Conditioning

You are here to evolve to a higher level of existence beyond imprinting, conditioning, avoiding, or seeking.

It is all already yours.

We know that will provoke a reaction within most of you. You do not have the experience of having it ‘all’, whatever ‘all’ would mean for you. We promise that you do.

Exploring Freedom and Love

It could be that this week’s energetic message for you is to use all of your senses to envision the most stable, highest, most grounded state of being you could radiate. If you were untouched by this worldly world of change, what would that feel like? If you could dive directly into any blockages to love and melt them, what would that feel like?

Are you ready to get a little lighter this week?

Embrace Freedom and Radiate It

Take a pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and free write for five to ten minutes on this topic:

What is it you can let go of that has been hovering in your energetic conditioning, your energy layers of consciousness, so that you may experience more freedom?

Live freedom.

Model freedom.

Elevate into that frequency. The universe and the earth need you.


Unlocking Your Inner Artist: Embrace Creative Freedom and Own Your Power

Releasing Energetic Conditioning for Freedom

What can you release from your energetic conditioning, your layers of consciousness, to embrace greater freedom in your creativity?

Dissolving the Myth of Earning Creative Access

There can be an ingrained belief within you that suggests you must earn access to the creative force residing within, but this isn't the case.

The idea that someone else is more gifted or worthy of making a difference in the world is a fallacy. You may have convinced yourself that creativity must follow a linear, challenging, or costly path, but that's not the truth.

These self-imposed limitations can be dissolved by granting yourself the time to trust your intuition and heed the callings of your soul. By doing so, you can create in ways that are deep, profound, and free from attachment or conditioning.

Reaping the Universe's Abundant Rewards

The universe consistently rewards your efforts generously. Don't despair if the numbers or reactions don't align with what you consider to be validating your creative energy. It's not about giving tirelessly without pause and rest. Instead, it's time for you to wholeheartedly embrace the life of an artist.

Embracing Your Identity as an Artist and Light Conduit

You aren't merely a persona; you are an artist, a visionary, and a conduit for light. Gift yourself the grace to step confidently into this role. Your purpose isn't to lead an ordinary life, but rather to shine brilliantly, attracting the light of others towards you.

Balancing Humility and Personal Power

Resist explaining yourself to others or indulging in self-deprecation. You can remain humble while embracing your personal power, be open while upholding your truth, and create without apology or permission.

You are a creator, an artist. Be that. Live that. Radiate that.

Delight in that. Own it. Share it. Let it flow. Embrace the freedom of expressing your highest potential.

Celebrating Your Gifts and Vibrational Resonance

Express gratitude for your gifts and the harmonious frequency resonating within you, through you, and as you. You are inextricably linked with creativity, and it with you. Allow the essence of your being to anchor these energetic vibrations, letting the Earth be your playground.

Spreading Light and Elevating Energy

Take the suffering of others seriously but approach yourself with a sense of lightness, so you can resonate and radiate a light that inspires others to elevate their own energy. New waves of inspiration are accessible through the creations of an artist.

Unleash Your Creative Power

You are one of the artists tasked with creating in this world. Cease waiting for external permission to unleash your creativity. It's time to release all these self-imposed barriers; you've outgrown them. Embrace your power and step into the freedom to be an artist while remaining in the energetic flow of creativity pulsating within your central column of light.

The time for this transformation is now.

In love and light, Heather and the Angelics.

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