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Separating the layers of lightness and density

Are you going through a process of distillation? A catalyst in your life could be causing a simmering. Like a potion set under a flame, you are separating the layers of lightness and density within you. You have been carrying the dense layers around with you like so many pebbles grinding, irritating, or causing unexpected shocks of pain. Trigger points. Instead of pebbles, perhaps you have boulders, the weight of which causes your shoulders to cinch up toward your ears and your shoulders to hunch forward.


It is difficult to take a free-flowing, full, vitality-inducing breath in such a state of contraction.

Yet you do not welcome the simmering, nor the distillation process of the heavy from the light, for is it casing your being to oscillate in discomfort at the process of alchemy taking place? Your unconscious instinct could be to contract harder to the density to prevent the alchemization from proceeding.

We invite you to soften and expand your ribcage wide with the fullness of your breath. Breathe your way through the discomfort. We say discomfort, for it is a turning of your dissonance into a clearer and clearer resonance that is both lighter and more integrated.

Are you experiencing the same discomfort as anxiety? As a nervous humming in the body? Restlessness of the mind, body, or awareness? Is there a sense of confusion? Fatigue or desire to retreat into a cozy place of rejuvenation? Any or all of the above? Something else?

Take these symptoms of your alchemy and envision wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket of patience and nurturing. Be in your own sweet, kind holding and exhale slowly.

Turn your attention over and over again to the long, slow, complete exhalation. The inhale will come. Let it be passive. Focus on the release, your presence, the stillness, and the expansion will come as sure as you can count on your next inhale. There is only so long you can deeply, fully, peacefully release before it is natural to open.

You will open to new breath. Life. Abundance. Confidence. Soul essence.

The alchemy process will make space for more of your true essence, your soul, the full magnificence and radiance of you to rush in to replace the places previously held by density.

Yes, there is more compassion, kindness, and creativity, but is effortless. The love is not present or given with even an ounce of effort, but merely present as integral to the luminosity integrating into your core column of light.

Forgiveness is given with effortless grace. Empathic hypersensitivity is insulated by the constant waterfall of light running through you with fewer and fewer blockages, and fewer and fewer places of grit and grind.

It is the understanding that can crystalize in the distillation process. With new eyes, you see the subconscious beliefs, patterns, habits, tendencies, and way of being that caused the grit, the grind, the pebbles, the boulders blocking the light flow, distorting your soul essence from integrating more deeply inwards and radiating out.

All at once you will have fresh eyes to see how you were sabotaging yourself, your joy, your relationships with others, and the world. Or you see how you were giving your power away. It could be you were acting as an aggressor, either consciously or unconsciously, being a victim, or switching back and forth between the two without seeking help, without looking for a way out. You didn’t try to break free, until now.

Why did it take you so long to see it?

Does it matter? You have clarity now, and you will use it, even if the distillation process simmers and shakes you for some time. It may feel endless, hopeless, unending in the uncertainty of how to move forward, on, up. This too will pass. Wrap yourself in that blanket of nurturing gentle kindness, compassion, of care. Stay courageous.

You know the truth. Truth cannot be buried once surfaced. You can try. You can use all sorts of tactics to suppress the truth again, but is only a matter of time before it will fly free.

You will fly free too. Unencumbered by recrimination, bitterness, or despair. The fatigue will wash away and you will be light as air. Wings wide. Heart expanding. And all. That. Light.

So allow yourself to simmer and allow the distillation of the layers. Open to the alchemy. Open your eyes to the understanding that only truth can bring.

Reclaim your power, gentleness, creativity. Be empowered to be the master of your internal landscape and the art of the way you live your life. Make your life into your playground, your canvas, the centrifugal force that enables you to learn all you came here to know, earn, and be.

To aid in the simmering you can:

#1 Use a powerful moving meditation from Qigong. Stand and shake your entire body while you use the six healing sounds to facilitate the distillation of letting go and healing.

Shake your entire body as you make the following sounds:

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the lungs: SSSsssssss. Repeat three times.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the kidneys: CHooooooo. Repeat three times.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the liver: Shhhhhhhhhhh. Repeat three times.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the heart: Haaaaaaaaa. Repeat three times.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the spleen: WHoooooo. Repeat three times.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale make the sound for the triple warmer: Heeee. Repeat three times.

To finish circle your right arm around and above your head. Pull your hand down the midline of your body down toward your low belly. Circle your left arm around and above your head. Pull your hand down the midline of your body down toward your low belly. Repeat three times with each arm.

Sit down and be still and quiet in meditation for at least ten minutes, either sitting with a straight spine on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, or while sitting on the floor with crossed legs.

#2: Journal

If you came to earth to learn some pivotal lessons, what are they?

Pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

What did I come here to learn?

What did I come here to learn?

What did I come here to learn?

What do I not want to see?

What is my next step to take?

#3 Empowered with new insight, and new truth, become the observer in your daily life, and live your transformation one moment at a time.

You are not your body. You are not your emotions. You are not your thoughts. You are not your story, nor what has happened to you. Can you be the observer? Can you now catch yourself before you enact the previously unconscious ways of being, doing, interacting, and living? Can you catch yourself between the trigger and your response and pause, only for two slow exhalations, before choosing a new reaction?

You get to choose.

Will you choose to grind and contract against the alchemy? Or dive deep?

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