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The Ultimate Way to Increase Your Healthspan to Live Healthier Longer

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The bad news is you are likely to die in agony.

Most Americans will spend the last years of their life in pain and quiet desperation, no longer free to live in their own homes.

So how much would you be willing to pay to increase the number of years you can live, disease-free and active?

Would you like to be driving around town at 92, meeting friends for coffee, planting a tree or two, baking your bread, then taking a well-deserved nap in your own home?

Or would you prefer to be lying in agony in a hospital bed or dependent and frail in a nursing facility?

The good news is that you can radically increase the number of disease-free, active years at the end of your life.

No, there isn’t an expensive pill available for sale for healthy longevity I’m selling. You can’t purchase an army of microrobots to flood your body and engage in cell repair. I’m not offering to fuse you with a robot or upload your brain into a computer.

You need to propel yourself into motion to increase your health span (1).

You need ten minutes of strength training and twenty minutes of flexibility and balancing every day, first thing in the morning. Add in a dash of thirty minutes of cardio to complete your health investment.

Yes, you read that right. Moving your body every day is the number one way to increase your health span (2). Sure, optimum nutrition, avoiding cigarettes, and excessive alcohol and drug consumption will help you too. So if you want to go all-in, start eating five different raw veggies daily, switch from sugary drinks to water, eat whole grains, and avoid processed and fast food.

But you CAN have your cake and EAT it too.

For most people, it is too much of a change to give up their two glasses of wine, French fry addiction, or chocolate cake indulgence.

The good news is that you can eat the cake. Just get in your exercise and keep that body of yours moving on and off all day long.

Did you know that physical inactivity is one of the primary causes of most chronic diseases? According to scientific research (5), exercise can prevent or at least delay you from becoming ill with chronic conditions. Also, physical activity primarily prevents or delays chronic diseases.

You don’t need to spend the last few years of your life suffering, frail, and dependent on others.

Strengthen, stretch, and move your body every day to increase the number of high-quality years of your life.

10, 20, 30 Minutes Mix to increase Healthspan