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Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism: Harnessing Elevated Energy for Manifestation and Transformation

Ignite Your Desires, Cultivate Emotions, and Embrace Miracles

The energy this week is buoyant and supportive of dreaming, of elevation into different types of consciousness. We invite you to remain grounded to the earth, to the center of the earth's force, as you surrender to the upward currents of energy at the same time. It is possible to both remain grounded and feel untethered.

Navigating Upward Currents: Balancing Groundedness and Soaring Energies

Be careful this week when driving, operating heavy machinery, cooking, and in adventurous pursuits. Mind and body awareness activities, such as yoga, qigong, and tai chi are particularly beneficial in staying embodied despite the elevating energy this week, as is self-massage, going for a massage, getting bodywork, or being in the woods or in water.

Unlocking Your Heart's Desires: Embracing the Alchemy of Expansion

The energy currently is opening like a red ripe strawberry into an expansion and evolution. For the next week, there is an especially auspicious period of time in which to envision the most satisfying version of your life essence. The alchemy of your present human form is at a high potential this week.

Beyond Dreams: Crafting Your Soul's Vision

What is your heart’s desire? Envision you are doing what you really want to do, you are living where you really want to live, you are in connection with others the way you really want to be, and you are in relationship with yourself in the way you want to be as well.

We invite you to set pen to paper and express what this vision of all your heart’s desires looks like and go beneath the surface to access and localize the emotions you want to experience within you. For example, if you are doing what you really want to do, then how does this make you feel?

You can make it practical, bringing it down to a minute-by-minute play of your daily life. You are sleeping, awakening, laying, standing, sitting, moving, sitting, standing, moving, sleeping. For one person routine and habit will be the sacred container within which they can develop their mastery. For another, it would be the prison that inhibits the novelty and adventure within which they can develop freedom and expansion.

Unlocking Your Inner Magnetism Activity

To start unlocking your inner magnetism, set aside a few minutes in a quiet space to journal. You are invited to set pen to paper and write out your most glorious dream for your life. Do not hold back. Do not fret that it is impossible, illogical, or ungracious. Gift yourself this activity.

Should you find resistance to this activity, and a sense of it being too much effort or work, go deeper. Dive into the subconscious reasoning inhibiting you from listening to the whisperings of your soul. You may say, “But I just want to be happy.” Yes, yet for one person happiness is being in joyful connection with a crowded room of people. For another happiness is sitting alone in the woods and in joyful connection to nature with the scent of pine and earth swirling around them.

Such is why we ask that, once you answer the questions, you dive below to the emotions. What are the emotions below all your heart’s desires?

Cultivating Emotions for Transformation: The Power of Nuanced Emotions

Here is where the exploration work gets interesting. For, when you dive under the desires to the emotion, then you are capable of developing and experiencing more of this emotion internally.

So few humans are specific enough. Happy is too general. You can cultivate the ability to have a more nuanced experience of your emotions and use emotions as a guide to accessing higher states of consciousness, otherwise known as higher states of vibration.

Becoming the Magnet of Attraction

Then, as you cultivate more of the emotions within you that you desire, and use them as a tool to resonate at a higher frequency, you will attract more of the experiences, places, desires, things, and people that you originally desired. For like attracts like. Magnets attract one another or repel each other. Become the magnet that attracts. Flip your stance to life to switch on your magnetism.

Do not get too attached to the exact descriptions of your heart’s desires. Yes, it is an essential part of the exercise to write them out, but use them as merely a portal to uncovering the emotions you want to experience more of and integrate within you, internally. It isn’t about the world outside you.

As your magnetism turns on, you will be able to attract people, places, things, experiences, and an unwavering resonance that is far beyond what you could have even envisioned for yourself. This does not mean that you forfeit the exercise and resist doing the work of being very, intricately detailed in writing down your heart’s desire. Gaining clarity on what you do want and sending it out into your vibrational field will invite the universe to work in your favor, with you, and you become part of a team.

Imagine you were to go out and engage a partner to work with you in your business. You could sit down together and the more detailed and specific you could be with explaining what you do want, and perhaps your partner could come through to the letter in helping you create your vision. However, if you give a detailed explanation, but empower them to do this or something even better, in their own way, incorporating their own creativity and fluidity into the vision, the result would be so much better.

Trusting Your Inner Universe

There is a level of trust required when working with the universe. And the universe is you, so it comes back to you trusting yourself more than you trust the world. Your trusting you comes back to a feeling, perception, and knowing of wholeness, ultimate resilience, and unbreakable connection to love.

Trust yourself so you can trust the universe is ever working in your favor. When all signs in the visible world point to no, have faith in the yes resonating within you. Maintain pitch. Keep your resonance. Become unwavering in your magnetism.

Matching Pitch and Cultivating Trust: The Dance of Resonance

Your mind might now be pitching from visions of tropical islands, fame, fortune, you helping thousands, or even millions of those in need, of communing with a soul mate, holding a newborn baby, or awakening in a new glorious location and sweeping the curtains open to a day of adventure before you.

  1. Allow your mind to wander through all the possibilities until you get clarity on what desires come from your heart, from your true essence. If it is living in a castle in France, don’t judge. Do not cloud the process with judgments.

If you are doing what you really want to do, you are:

If you are doing what you really want to do, you are:

If you are doing are living where you really want to live, you are:

If you are doing what you are in connection with others the way you really want to be, you are:

If you are doing what you are in relationship to yourself in the way you want to be, you are:

  1. Write down the emotions you want to experience as a result of your detailed written expression of all your heart’s desires. List all of the emotions out, one by one.

  2. Use emotions as tools to discover what you would like to cultivate more of within you, internally, which is not dependent on circumstances in the outside world.

  3. Select ONE, just one of these emotions to work on cultivating more of internally for the next week.

  4. Match pitch with the resonance of this emotion multiple times per day. For best results, set a timer on your phone to go off once an hour, close your eyes, and ask your soul, your angels, and the divine to help you match pitch with the emotion internally.

  5. Cultivate trust in yourself, trust in the universe, and be open to miracles as you flip the switch and become magnetic.

Radiate Your True Light: Embrace Your Luminescence

Reminder: We invite you to remain grounded to the earth this week, to the center of the earth's force, as you surrender to the upward currents of energy at the same time as leverage them for your evolution.

May your true light essence radiate brighter each day. The Luminous Light Angelic Guides & Heather

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