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5 Winning Habits of Charismatic People

There are two types of charismatic people. There are charismatic people who are manipulative, cunning, and adept at sensing and utilizing negative emotions. These charismatic people can use intense emotions like grief, hate, and fear to rally people to share their vision, join their mission, or give to their cause.

In this article, we will be focusing instead on the types of charismatic people who use positive emotions instead of negative ones to draw people to them.

1. Charismatic People Are Joyful & Strong

You can act like you are happy or like you are having a good time, but joy is harder to fake. Charismatic people pull from an inner source of joy and strength that isn’t attached to the circumstances around them. An inner light glows from them outwards. People are drawn like moths to a flame to be in the presence of this source of strength and joy. Within the inner circle of light, they feel elevated, inspired, or motivated.

2. Charismatic People Have High Self Worth

Few people feel that they are enough, just as they are right now in the present. Charismatic people draw from their inner source of strength and joy to feel confident and of value just by existing. Instead of thinking about and pointing out how they are superior to others in various aspects, they focus on developing their strengths and passions while acknowledging the strengths in others. Charismatic people feel and act certain that they are a gift to the world while understanding that they have weaknesses and limitations.

3. Charismatic People Have Humility

A high sense of self-worth combined with humility is attractive and magnetic. Charismatic people do not feel the need to get defensive. Quick to apologize and make amends, it is difficult to stay angry with them or see them as narcissistic. Charismatic people are open to telling stories of their failures and tribulations. They do not need to feed on the attention, opinions, or accolades of other people, so they have no problem being authentic.

4. Charismatic People Reveal Their Vulnerability

Yes, charismatic people can walk into a room and pull attention to them without trying. Their inner strength, joy, and magnetism can be entertaining, motivational, inspiring, or moving. Yet as talented as they are at shifting the attention and emotions of a room to where they want it to go, charismatic people are open to being vulnerable. Bravery is summoned to tell about their own trials, tribulations, and moments of pain in order to uplift others. They do not use their vulnerability in a manipulative play for attention. Instead, they open up when it will serve the best interests of other people.

5. Charismatic People Have a Good Sense of Humor

Just as charismatic people are brave enough to reveal their moments and points of vulnerability, they are light-hearted enough to take themselves lightly. Open to laughter and fun, most charismatic people can tell a joke that will bring a smile to most faces in the room. Even serious stories are infused with humor to lift the energy if it gets too dark or if they feel as though they are taking themselves too seriously.

6. Charismatic People Have a Vibrant Persona

Charismatic people stand out in a crowd. It’s like their inner light dial has been turned up. That doesn’t mean that all charismatic people are loud and vivacious. Some spiritual leaders are quiet and unassuming. Their light draws people to them anyway. The persona of a charismatic person is multi-faceted and unique. Although they have distinct likes and preferences, they are more interested in asking you about yours.

7. Charismatic People Have Attention to Detail

The nuances of a room’s atmosphere, the names and number of children someone has, or someone’s favorite book are soaked up and savored. Charismatic people notice and remember details. It’s hard to dislike someone who remembers that your favorite hobby is gold and your grandma’s lasagna is your favorite food.

Charismatic people take in the body language of the people they are with and engage accordingly. Instead of forcing their emotion onto the group, they enter the flow and gradually turn up the frequency of positive emotion. Charismatic people cause the people they are with to feel special or part of something bigger than themselves.

8. Charismatic People Have Open Body Language

What is the primary element of body language that charismatic people all use? They look into your eyes. Eye contact is established and maintained. The quality and quantity of eye contact causes a charismatic person to feel open, interested, honest, and likable. Liars, narcissists, and people who are self-involved, disinterested, or distant tend to make little eye contact or avoid it entirely. People with low self-esteem or who are shy also find it difficult to engage and hold eye contact.

Charismatic people stand up tall but don’t thrust their chest forward. Grounded evenly on both feet, they hold their shoulders over the hips and engage their core to lengthen up the spine to gain height. The ribs are softened inwards and the jaw is soft. Although they may cross their arms out of comfort, they feel comfortable standing still with their arms resting lightly at their sides.

They keep their gaze at eye level. There is no looking down their noses, looking up out of their eyelashes, or shifting between those two.

As they watch the person or group in front of them, they naturally mimic the body language rhythm of the conversation. Leaning in, relaxing backward, and flowing between being animated, serious, funny, playful, or passionate.

9. Charismatic People Have a Passion & Vision

Charismatic people all have a passion. They have found something that brings them joy, and inner knowing, or a passion that drives them. When they talk their inner joy ignites and they can talk with animation, intensity, or pure delight. If they have a vision, then they can share it in a tantalizing way that inspires others to see the world and what is possible in a new way.

10. Charismatic People Are Masterful Story Tellers

Weaving a riveting story in the hallmark of a charismatic person. When they tell a story they know just how to build a three-story act and include just the right amount of curiosity, intensity, humor, or pain. Being entertaining is a value that most charismatic people deliver with the intention to capture adoration, elicit a specific emotion, or inspire others to take action.

11. Charismatic People Have & Inspire Hope

Without hope forward momentum is impossible in the medium to long term. Charismatic people can fail multiple times, have the odds stacked against them, or encounter humiliation, but they stand back up. There is an unquenchable fountain of hope that they drink from to keep going. The hope is infectious and like a bright ray of sunlight for a few minutes on a rainy day.

12. Charismatic People Show Interest

Few people can listen well and even fewer are actively interested in what you have to say. Not true of charismatic people. They tend to find people, no matter who they are, fascinating. Background, opinions, physical appearance, and qualifications tend not to matter. Charismatic people are interested in the human experience everyone is having it. They soak up details and manage to remember them if they will see you again.

13. Charismatic People Exude Empathy

The eye contact, open body language, and interest they show cause charismatic people to exude empathy. On a deeper level, charismatic people appear to be able to place themselves in the shoes of the person standing in front of them and dive into what it might feel like to BE them.

14. Charismatic People Have Attractive Pull

Not all charismatic people are beautiful or handsome, but they all have an attractive pull. People are drawn to them whether they emanate sex appeal or not. Charismatic people know their value and have higher self-confidence and self-worth. They are well-groomed and take care of themselves so they emit high energy and vitality.

15. Charismatic People Have & Inspire Faith

Just like hope, charismatic people have and inspire faith. There is a belief in something that propels them forward, gives them inner strength, and ignites their inner light. As most people feel like they are wandering in doubt, being around someone of conviction, strength, and joy is refreshing. Most people feel drawn to charismatic people to find out the source of how they exist and operate in the world so powerfully or with such ease and grace.

Are Charismatic people born or made? If you aren’t naturally charismatic take heart. You can become more magnetic by learning about how charismatic people exist, act, and engage with the world.

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