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What Will Open You To More Joy?

What will cause you to open to more wellness and joy?

Simplicity. You would like to make it complicated and exhausting when it need not be the extravagance of effort.

You can pluck a person off a luxury yacht holiday and you can take another out of the middle of their free regular forest walk place both, side by side, and analyze their entire being.

Health, wellness, sense of well-being, perceived degree of ‘positive’ emotions. Imagine you can take out instruments to measure one to the other, like a truth detection test. You can ask the two humans for their perceptions. You can combine the results and what will be the answer?

It could go either way. We repeat. The luxury yacht is not the deciding factor, nor is the wealth that you would associate with an individual capable of going on such a holiday.

We are certain you’ve had this experience, even if you are not aware of it yet. The outside world and circumstances do not determine a human’s well-being and ‘positive’ emotional and mental state. Most humans believe one is caused by the other.

You expect to be blissful when you attain what you most desire:

it could be living in the perfect home, being on the ideal holiday, uniting with your dream partner, having the child you’ve always wanted, the job, the car, body, health, fame, appreciation, service.

What is the point at which you can allow yourself to experience well-being and opening to joy? You want to make it conditional, but there isn’t the direct link you may believe.

And yes, truly, when you are in pain, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, well-being and joy are cloaked by the density. Alleviate the pain so you can lessen the density and open to more joy and wellness.

Likewise, if you are not safe or your loved ones are not safe, that it will be extremely difficult to access higher states of well-being, peace, and joy. It hurts the unlocked human heart to see anyone in a state of pain or peril. You understand on a deeper level that pain and peril can lock them out of wellness, happiness, peace, and joy.

Except in cases of lack of safety or being in pain, can you be on a luxury yacht and be miserable? Yes, you can. Can you be on your regular daily walk and be flooded with a sense of feeling so good in your body and a rush of joy?

Yes. Is it that a regular routine is a better route to feeling uplifted? No. You can be miserable on your daily walk and exhilarated on the luxury yacht and believe in the cause and effect. Your belief in the cause and effect makes it so.

We will repeat: you expect and therefore allow yourself to access elevated states of being under certain conditions. You need not. You can remove the causal link and expectations and allow yourself the full spectrum of positive body, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic states for no outside, casual reason.

We understand that this may leave you shaking your head or rolling your eyes. You are used to going on holiday and experiencing the ‘happier’ states of being as a result. A+B - C. Yet it need not be so. We are certain there has been an experience you anticipated creating a certain state of being within you and it disappointed you. The causal link didn’t work.

You may think, well, it didn’t work out like I expected, and therefore…. But we say no. It is not so. You have a choice and you can opt for more transcendent states of well-being, consciousness, peace, connection, and joy at any moment.

You can take your reference points for anything you want to physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically, and emotionally experience off of the outer world.

You can allow yourself to experience these states within your core of light and sacred heart and radiate them from the inside out.

It is no simple task for a human to bring awareness to their central core of light and the sacred heart, let alone to reference internally, but that is the work that will provide endless, yes, unlimited rewards.

Energy work meditations can increase your capability to quiet your body, mind, emotional turmoil, and energy blockages so you can center your awareness within you and pull your reference points off the outer.

Then life becomes a game.

You will see all the ways you want life to give you what you think you need instead of gifting it to yourself. You could think you need a certain person or people in your life to treat you a certain way so that you feel worthy, lovable, safe, connected, valuable, or something else. It is not so.

You need not give your power away by making others responsible for proving you are anything. Take your reference back to you and root out all the ways in which you are not choosing to gift, receive, and be loved. Where is the fear? Where is the retraction? Can you open and soften it?

You can say that it is impossible to be ‘happy’ with the worries that are burdening you. Like a weight clenched on top of your shoulders, you are shuffling under the force of worry. It is impossible to lay it down. We say, try.

For you help no one, and certainly not yourself, with your worry. Prayer works wonders.

Analytical problem solving, intuitive innovative sparks of brilliance, logical reasoning, compassionate action, trial and error, and giving it up to ‘god’ are all effective measures to take instead of worrying. Your worry could be about your finances, safety, health, well-being, ability to belong, freedom, or something else. More often than not your worry is about one of these elements for a person or people that you care about.

Replace the worry with empowerment and prayer. Every time a worry for yourself, another, or the world arises ask: What can I do? If there is nothing you can do, or nothing is sparking within you right now, then pray or send light, well-wishes. Repeat each time worry arises.

So many of you would make a prayer or sending light a small and useless action. It is not.

Prayer heals. Light saves. And the glory of all that is ‘above’ reaches down with grace each time in ways you can’t always perceive.

Empowerment through taking action, praying, or both causes an energetic shift within you that allows more light and clarity to flow. An increase in clarity brings new sparks of the genius of what is possible to say, do, give, or be.

Do not underestimate the being.

Allow your baseline state to be one of the highest health, abundance, well-being, serenity, and joy possible. You do not help anyone by going dark. It is not compassion to revel in your empathy to the point of starting to sink in vibration. Indeed, staying centered and strong in quiet joy can allow you to be of greater service and care.

So hold your resonance and center your light within your core.

Yes, we encourage prayer and meditation, but some cannot sit still or do not feel inclined to pray or meditate. Here is a practical activity for all of you to try to begin to feel your central column of light, come more and more into your sacred heart, and take your reference points for wellness and joy off of the outer world.

Today, we invite you to go for a walk in nature and repeat the mantra: I am so grateful. You can start to list all the things you feel grateful for and feel the gratitude. I am so grateful for…..

When the mind runs out of things to feel grateful for, then continue to repeat the mantra: I am so grateful. Over and over again, attaching your mind to the repetitive words and your heart to the experience of gratitude.

Gratitude for twenty minutes can elevate you up and into higher states of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Energetically there is a recalibration of your grids, a washing free of debris blocking your radiance. You will glow brighter in just twenty minutes.

As you walk in nature the earth will support you in this transformation work.

Repeat daily for best results.

Remember, you are a radiant being of light, Love the Angelics

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